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Deep sanitizing truckmount vapor steam cleaning. No under powered portable machines used in our quality non residue process.

We have been providing carpet cleaning services in San Diego, Ca using premium quality deep sanitizing truck mounted hot water extraction (HWE) methods in residential homes since 2006. We also provide very low moisture (VLM) or no-moisture dry carpet cleaning for commercial high rise office properties.  We are proud to be locally owned and operated.  Being knowledgeable in the original zero-residue means no residue from soap is left behind on carpeting.  Something we also specialize in is quick drying.  This makes for carpet that’s 95% dry by the time we are finished with your job when using steam cleaning!  We also utilize green chemical free carpet cleaners safe for the family.  All around, we are completely non-toxic, Eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic carpet cleaners.  A service like ours makes for healthy indoor air quality or what’s known as IAQ.  

*Our services include residue free carpet, upholstery, tile / grout, and area rug cleaning.  Also offered are flood extraction services for minimal mishaps.  

Although prices for our carpet cleaning services can vary, we provide our customers with a direct quote in person or over the phone. We never try to “bait and switch” the price quote we provide.  In fact, pricing only changes slightly if carpeted area sizes turn out to be a little bigger than what was described to us by our customers over the phone.  No worries or stress.  Pretty basic right?  Many times our competition’s cheap pricing tactics on estimates can be very unethical.  They quote you a price over the phone first.  Once they show up, if they even do, they begin to raise the price with their “extras.”  This forces you to feel pressured.  That’s not the way pricing should be handled in our opinion.  A carpet steam cleaner should make his customers and clients feel appreciated.  Not angry, frustrated, and disappointed.

Carpet Cleaning San Diego
*Pics Of Our Quality Zero-Residue Carpet Cleaning Service. Our exclusive step-by-step process.  Step 1: Vacuum carpet thoroughly of all dust and dirt particles.  Step 2: Pre-treat carpet spots & traffic lanes with a combination of highly effective green cleaning agents complimentary to a zero sticky soap residue process.  Power scrubbing applied if necessary.  Step 3: Deep thorough truck mounted flushing, rinsing, and hot water extraction for any and all soapy residue.  This leaves carpet feeling soft, clean and smelling fresh.  Step 4: Rapid speed drying of carpet, which happens to be our signature fast dry service.  This gives us the ability to have carpets dry to the touch by the time we leave!  Result: Client left feeling pleased & satisfied.

 View the before and after pics here for the video below.






Quick Dry
Signature accelerated dry carpet cleaning service.  It’s not just the technology behind our equipment.  It’s the knowledge behind our process.

Leaving zero residues behind is an art form when performing carpet cleaning.  The cleaning devices and equipment we use provide us with quick drying of carpet and rugs.  They actually make for “dry to the touch” results by the time we are done with your job!  Zero res is the most wanted and highly sought after service by consumers for their carpets.  This is truly a must have!  Who in their right mind would want hazardous chemicals left behind on their flooring spaces to harm the health of their family and pets?  When carpet dries crunchy and flaky it has to make you think why that happened.  Take it from us, it’s more than just residue from soap on your carpet!  

Most of the time it’s a combination of the non green chemical soaps that unqualified technicians use.  The soap tends to mix with the dirt, grease, and common household allergens normally found in carpet.  Dust, grime, pet dander, mold spores, and bacteria are all common allergy triggers for example.  Go with us and we give you powerful green truckmount hot water extraction or vapor steam cleaning!  This results in fast drying and residue free carpets when using a strong vacuum extraction pump such as ours.  Utilizing a combination heat exchanger and propane water heater makes for quality sanitizing of bacterial viruses and pathogens.

We also thoroughly rinse your carpeting using a water softener and soap neutralizer. Complete flushing and extracting of cleaning agents, along with dirt and grease results in a non toxic & eco-friendly cleaning.  This is the method considered to be the recommended approach for various carpets like Nylon, Polyester, Wool, Woolsoft, Mohawk Smart Carpet, and even commercial stain resistant Olefin.  Now you can enjoy a restful nights sleep with indoor air quality that has been substantially improved!

How can the right choice be made when pricing varies, and most carpet cleaning companies claim to provide all the same services?  This seems to be a point of confusion for many consumers.  The difficulty comes in the unethical low pricing tactics and false advertising.  Of course, we all want the best deal.  But, paying the ultra low price will most certainly get you a sub-standard result!  Why continue to deal with the disappointment and disgust of minimal quality due to that “low advertised special price?”  Fast dry, zero residues, green natural cleaning, and truck mount sanitizing steam aren’t just buzzwords for us.  They are what we specialize in as quality carpet cleaners!  We don’t quote our customers a low-ball price, then charge a higher price later.  We also won’t price gouge you either.  Our pricing is fair and delivers on satisfaction!

Why sacrifice so much time lost in waiting when you can enjoy cleaner, fresher, faster drying, zero res carpets and furniture today!  Finding the best IICRC certified carpet cleaning service in San Diego shouldn’t be a chore.  Call us today and find out about our special offers!  619.392.8012.






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Our Proprietary Eco-Friendly Process:

  • Pre-Vacuum your carpet.
  • Pre-Conditioning with green cleaners to loosen up soil & grease.  This is perfect for spots & high traffic areas.
  • Power Scrub if necessary.
  • Super Hot Sanitizing deep truckmounted steam extraction.  Kills bacteria, mites, fleas, etc.
  • Extra Spot Treatment included for stubborn grease & soil spots.
  • Complete Thorough flushing & rinsing leaves carpet cleaner than ever before.
  • Zero Residues left behind on carpet and furniture making for NO soapy residue.
  • Signature Accelerated Dry service for ultra quick drying!  Carpet is NOT left soaking wet to have to dry for 3 or 4 days.  Instead, it’s left dry to the touch by the time we leave.  This is carpet cleaning done right!
  • Pair of shoe covers and post inspection walk through with our clients to make sure they’re satisfied with their results.Lifetime Guarantee
  • Lifetime Guarantee backed by the owner himself!

We also clean stairs, and area rugs. View our special quality pricing offers now!

Unmatched Quality Carpet Cleaning In San Diego Residue Free!


Complete healthy green sanitizing steam cleaning at its best!  Unique flush & rinse technology to thoroughly remove deep down dirt and grime.  Accelerated fast drying to leave carpet feeling dry before we leave.  And, truly zero residues left behind on carpet is what I specialize in.  Precision Carpet Cleaning has been confidently serving the county for years.  Providing our clientele with quality results is job one.  We have some specials available for you below.  Absolutely NO hidden rip off price changing scams!


So, what’s the difference between carpet cleaning done by Precision and the competition?  The difference is that our service is personalized exclusively to our customers & clients.  Being a locally owned and operated San Diego carpet cleaner affords us that!


  • Powerful Equipment & Service.Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Safe Effective Green Cleaners.
  • Zero Residues Left Behind.
  • Super Hot Sanitizing Steam Cleaning.
  • Thorough Flush, Rinse, and Extract.
  • Signature Rapid Fast Dry Service.
  • Healthy (IAQ).
  • Lifetime Client Guarantee.


Try us out today!  We’d love to sincerely make you a new lifetime client!  Call 619.392.8012.

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