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Carpet Cleaning San Diego. Fast Dry, Zero-Residue, Sanitizing Steam.

Truck Mounted Carpet CleaningWelcome to Precision Carpet Cleaning San Diego, locally owned and operated since 2006.  Providing truck mount sanitizing steam extraction of carpets, rugs, upholstery, and tile/grout.  Baby safe, pet safe, and eco-friendly!  Serving residential homes and commercial office buildings.  Call 619.392.8012.

Delivering satisfying quality results has always been the basis for our business model.  While prices often vary for carpet cleaning in San Diego, you can rely on our direct quotes via phone or on location to be ethical and trustworthy.  Bait and switch pricing tactics have never been a practice we’ve employed.  In fact, prices only change slightly if carpeted area sizes turn out to be a little bigger than what was described to us.  Pretty basic, no worries or stress.

When high quality cleaning matters.

First of all, quality carpet cleaning is an art form.  And, fast drying results are a must have.  Who wants to deal with soaked carpet right?  Let us not forget about zero-residue.  Hence, the most highly sought after service in upholstery and floor care today.  As well, it should be.  Potentially harmful and hazardous chemicals left behind can cause potential health complications.  Probably be a good idea to say no to that!  Customers can feel confident knowing that green, healthy, and non toxic results are a given with Precision.  A time-tested process makes sure of that.  Pre-conditioners used for loosening up dirt and grease are safe for the entire family, environment, and pets.

Then there is the ultimate in sanitizing steam cleaning.  The most important step in achieving a quality thorough result would be the hot water extraction portion of the process.  Uprooting dirt and grime via an ultra powerful high heat truck mount machine is what sets us apart.  Customers benefit from total flushing and rinsing of filthy soil and crud.  Therefore, sterilizing bacteria and other pathogens residing in your carpet.  Dangerous chemical residues left behind by our competitors gets taken away as well.  As a result you wind up with residue free carpets smelling so fresh, feeling so clean, and drying super quick!  Finally, you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep with indoor air quality that has been substantially improved.  Most noteworthy, carpet can actually be dry to the touch by the time we leave in most cases!

Confused over which carpet company to choose?

Due to the amount of carpet cleaners San Diego County has to choose from, seems like finding the right one that suits your needs can be the most challenging.  Companies use the same or similar marketing language often times, and claim to provide quality, but their prices may be different.  Why are some services less expensive than others you ask?  They sound the same, you say.  It seems that they’re advertising what looks and sounds to be the same type of services.  While quality companies prefer to maintain a standard of excellence the aim for many in our industry is to lure consumers in softly.  Why?  Because, of a price changing ambition.

It is no wonder why consumers can easily get confused.  Services such as these would rather employ a tactic like this, therefore making it difficult for customers to know the difference.  However, instincts and better judgment should kick in at some point allowing you to realize that a ridiculously low price may only be initial.  Consequently leading to something higher in price that you ultimately regret being involved in.  Having to deal with the disappointment at a level to where you just want your money back, because you are so disgusted is unnecessary.

Why sacrifice so much time lost in waiting when you can enjoy cleaner fresher carpets, tile, and furniture today?  Fast drying, zero res, green natural, and truckmount sanitizing steam are not just buzzwords for us.  They are what we specialize in as quality carpet cleaners.  Customers can book service for residential homes, condos, townhouses, apartments, and commercial office spaces.  In addition, for some awesome carpet cleaning reviews you should check us out on Yelp!

It’s all in your hands now…

Satisfaction GuaranteeMake an appointment with us today and experience top notch quality carpet cleaning you can count on!  The outcome of our service will make for a pleasant surprise, guaranteed!  Call 619.392.8012 now!