Best Way To Clean Carpet

The Best Way To Clean Carpet – Quality Step-By-Step Process Makes All The Difference!

Best Way To Clean CarpetThe best way to clean carpet is through steam vapor cleaning or also known as hot water extraction with a truckmount machine. This method employs water heated to 240 degrees and above and can kill viruses and bacteria, as well as dust mites, lice, and fleas.  What qualifies a carpet cleaner to be labeled as a true quality professional are things like ethics and his attention to detail, along with the ability to communicate with his clients and establish great rapport. Another important ingredient in the picture as a whole is knowledge behind what he is doing.  This makes all the difference.  Who wants to end up with a dirty, dingy looking carpet afterwards, like nothing ever took place.  Below is a quality process that we offer to all our customers and clients.  This helps us in achieving the best results possible for our clientele.

Step 1:  Pre-Inspection.  Complete and thorough pre-inspection of your carpets, tile / grout, area rugs, and upholstery to be cleaned will be performed.  Designed to let us look for things like burns in the carpet, melting of fibers or from candle wax, general wearing in traffic patterns, fraying of fibers, stains that have set in and have become permanent and so on.  Everything is set in writing, from pricing agreed to, to the customer authorizing us to proceed with the work.

Step 2:  Vacuum carpet first.  If needed, we will vacuum your carpet before we start the actual carpet cleaning with our truckmounted equipment.  Note: Our machine will also vacuum additional dirt while cleaning.

Step 3:  Furniture Moving.  Furniture items such as chairs, sofas, and tables can be carefully moved and rested on foam tabs to protect them and your carpet from damage or staining .  We do not move furniture items that are prone to liabilities like antique furnishings, electrical wires from audio equipment, televisions, and items known by you to be weak or damaged before hand.

Step 4:  Pre- Treatment and Spot Conditioning.  The second beneficial phase of your carpet cleaning after pre-vacuuming.  Spots and high traffic areas are treated with specialized cleaners that not only are environment friendly, but are key in effective soil dissolving of your carpets, upholstery, and tile / grout.

Step 5:  Pre-Groom, Agitate. Pre-groom the carpet to further loosen traffic area soiling.  Power scrubbing may be implemented for stubborn areas of carpet.

Step 6: Rinse & Extract.  Super hot water translating to steam is then injected into the fibers of your carpet, agitating the pre-conditioning solution further and boosting its effect.  Powerful simultaneous flush, rinse and extraction also occurs, lifting out the soil and rinsing with a neutralizing agent making for cleaner, drier, softer, and healthier carpets, not to mention zero residue!

Step 7:  Fast Dry.  (Included in full-service pricing only) High velocity air movers will be placed strategically when needed for optimal fast dry times.  Rest assured that this option will get most carpet types substantially dry by the time we leave.  Imagine that… carpets so clean and dry you could walk on them that same day and not have to stay at the Motel 6 for 3 or 4 nights!!

Step 8:  Furniture Replacement & Tabbing.  Furnishings will be put back into their original placement and be protected using disposable foam tabs or plastic slip covers to avoid staining of carpet.

Step 9:  Post Grooming.  The carpet pile is set correctly to aid in quick dry times.  This eliminates any chance of spots resurfacing.  Plus, there is a lifetime guarantee for that!

Step 10:  Post-Inspection.  Walk through your home and inspect the results.  Make sure you are satisfied with our workmanship, and then finalize the transaction.  You will be amazed!  Additional things like teflon protection, stain removal, and pet odor control are available as extras.

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Carpet Cleaning Companies San Diego

Finding The Right Carpet Cleaning Companies

Carpet Cleaning Companies San DiegoKnowing how to find and choose the right carpet cleaning companies in San Diego is becoming more and more difficult everyday.  What do you do when anyone and everyone can use all the quality buzz words at their will and convenience without any checks and balances?  What can services who truly specialize in quality do when things eventually become what’s known as “public domain.”  Anyone can literally take your marketing ideas and duplicate them either outright or by changing them slightly.  Using the majority of your original idea(s) is essentially cheating.  All of this makes it difficult for consumers to differentiate between who really performs quality and who just says they do.  Using a low priced lure to reel you in and not performing quality is just plain wrong.

The Unethical Carpet Cleaning Service Pitch

Take pet odor removal for example.  A lot of cleaning companies will tell you that they can remove odor by simply deodorizing the carpet fibers during their “cleaning process.”  They pitched you some kind of a “package price” that claimed odor removal, when in reality the problem goes deeper than just the top fibers of the carpet, but they didn’t tell you that though.  They just told you that they could take care of your problem for you for that price.  The quality carpet cleaner on the other hand explained it to you outright over the phone or in person.  They explained the nature of that particular beast that would require different methods of cleaning and deodorizing.  But, you as the consumer didn’t really go for that.  Maybe it sounded too complicated or maybe you thought “we” where the ones that were trying to set you up for a shake down of your wallet!  So, you ended up going for their deal instead and ended up spending $300 to get what you thought would fix your problem, because they told you they could fix it, but they didn’t and now it smells even worse and you are out $300!  

Customer Disappointment
Worried consumer trying to call a San Diego carpet cleaning company she hired to come back out and fix the mess they left behind.

You make every attempt at trying to contact these types of carpet cleaners.  They always do the same thing to you.  They don’t come back out to fix their mess that you paid for.  They also don’t honor their guarantee essentially creating a bad image for all of us.

A quality pricing pitch and service explanation looks to be something that doesn’t seem to register in the minds of a large portion of today’s society even if it’s right in front of their faces.  And, for good reason.  Consumers have been lied to and deceived by the companies who were supposed to be professionals in their arena.  But, you can’t put the blame on companies entirely because consumers are always looking for the best deal possible, not realizing that by giving into such a blatantly obvious cheap deal, that they will be helping to set the tempo for disappointment.

Finding The Right Carpet Cleaning Companies

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The question that is probably coming to mind right now is “how to go about looking for and finding that carpet cleaning company that’s going to truly supply that wow factor?”  First thing to take into consideration would be, do the carpet cleaning services have a decent looking website to represent their businesses with.  Secondly, how do they sound over the phone when you call them for information and a price estimate?  Do they sound confident in how they are coming across and what they are telling you, or do they sound like they want to hurry up and get you over with and book you already because they have more important things going on??  Are they an owner operated gig where you are speaking to the owner himself, or are they a franchise operation that connected you with a sales representative who doesn’t have first hand field experience?  As you are speaking to the representative, does it sound like they are making too many promises they really won’t be able to keep?  I will be the first one to tell you that over-promising and under-delivering is a big problem among many carpet cleaning companies!  How do I know?… because the former clients of these shoddy carpet cleaning services tell me about all their mistakes and how they left them utterly disappointed before I make them my new clients.

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Carpet Cleaning Prices San Diego

Carpet Cleaning Prices – Various Pricing Methods

Carpet Cleaning PricesA common scam method for advertising carpet cleaning prices would be: “Whole house carpet cleaning $115”, but in the fine print it says **Up to 600 sq ft.  That’s more like the size of a small apartment!  What if I have an actual house over 2000 sq ft??…

Have you ever responded to an ad that advertised cheap carpet cleaning prices?  Okay, what happened when you called the phone number in the ad?  Wait, let me guess… they told you everything you wanted to hear and so you hired them to come out and do your job, but when they managed to gain access to your sanctuary, all of a sudden the original advertised price you had hired them based on was no longer valid right?  They proceeded to tell you that the pricing in the ad was for basic vapor steam cleaning only and that you were going to need their “pre-treatment” in order to get your carpet clean.  They also told you that you were going to need individual spot treatment and that was also going to be extra.  What a nightmare!

There are various ways to quote or estimate price for carpet cleaning.  The above example is the most well known and used pricing tactic by carpet cleaners in our industry.  They are hoping they can ease you into paying their price in a progressive way, but still using a certain amount of pressure in the process.  Personally, I hate being led through a progression that ends up costing me more than I had anticipated.

But, that’s not the disappointing part!  The disappointment comes when these types of companies quote their prices this way.  Realizing they can’t perform the quality you were looking for afterwards is frustrating.  They made it sound like they could but in the end it only led to tremendous disappointment.

Carpet cleaning prices pitched the ethical way.

I prefer to quote prices a different way.  I use more of an ethical trustworthy approach.  That sets the platform for customer satisfaction.  The way I do it is that I quote prospective clients an upfront price that I normally stick to and all my services are included in the price.  Included is my signature accelerated drying that leaves most carpet in San Diego dry to the touch by the time I am finished with the job.  Also included is sanitizing truckmount hot water extraction (HWE) at 240 degrees or more that kills pathogens we know to prevelant in the form of bacteria and viruses.  This high degree of steam vapor cleaning is excellent for obliterating bugs that might be in the carpet like lice, mites from dust and the fleas that are usually in full force if you there are pets a part of the household.  Another awesome and highly sought after service that is included as part of a quality pricing schedule is what’s come known to be as “Zero Res” or no sticky residue.  This does exactly what it says in its name and makes for zero soapy residue left behind on the carpet from the cleaning process.  You really get what you pay for when quality pricing is involved.  But, there is absolutely no bait and switch price tactics involved with an owner-operated, locally owned company.

Now, most carpet cleaning outfits will say things like “satisfaction guaranteed.”  They also might offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  But, what does that really mean?  For a quality operation such as Precision Carpet Cleaning, Inc, this simply means quality.  “We guarantee that if any dirt and grease spots decide to resurface that were present before we commenced cleaning, we will come back and take care of them at no additional charge for life.  As long as you stay a client of ours we will honor .  Other carpet cleaners won’t do that for you.

So, when it comes to price estimates, there are several ways companies go about this.  Some offer you pricing based more on a package deal approach while some choose to use more of a progressive tactic that feels good and natural to both you and them, but ends up leaving you soaked in the end!

Ultimately, the choice is yours to make.  Choose your carpet cleaning quotes wisely…

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Carpet Cleaners Reviews

Carpet Cleaners Reviews – Unbiased Reviewing Methods For Companies

Steam carpet cleaners reviews for San Diego, Ca seem to be the way in which consumers make a more complete decision nowadays as to which carpet cleaning company to hire.  Ratings sites have come into full swing now and have played a substantial role in helping us choose our professional services.  But, is the customer feedback on these review sites trustworthy?

Expert 5 Star Rating

Reviews help add a certain trust and validity to a company profile.  Back not too long ago, consumers had no other choice but to rely on feedback published within the same site they wanted to buy products or services from.  Although some websites were ethical enough to believe that the reviews posted on their sites were coming from legitimate unique sources, some were not.  The same went for carpet cleaning business websites. 

Newegg is an example of a site that I always found to be pretty trustworthy when it came to the reviews published for their products.  The reason why I believe their reviews to be trustworthy is because their platform is interactive, meaning any individual consumer could log in and leave legitimate reviews that came directly and expressly from them for a product they bought on that site.  The kind of websites with interactive platforms have always had an advantage at gaining consumer trust for this simple reason whereas websites that didn’t have this type of functionality didn’t.

What About Carpet Cleaners?

Now on the other hand, carpet cleaning websites haven’t really had that ability to gain consumer trust for carpet cleaning reviews, so we had to rely on popular unbiased review sites designed specifically for this reason such as Yelp and Angieslist to help add that bit of consumer trust to our companies for example.  They are the best in my opinion.  Resources such as the BBB have always been a great source for adding that validity to a business and helping consumers gain trust.  I remember back in the day when a site called “The Superpages” owned by Verizon I believe, had a reviewing mechanism built into their system.  It wasn’t long before all the heavy hitters began to adopt that model and incorporate it into their own platforms.

Google began a similar venture and came up with “Google Reviews” built right into their search listings, making them visible when they display the product or service results you were searching for.  They have enabled an ingenious enhancement to service listings all around.  Google has also taken a similar approach in the way they display Yelp reviews in search listings.  It’s been a great way for people to come to a better more informed and confident decision in their decision making process.

Enter The Pay For Carpet Cleaners Reviews Incentive

Now… for the scary version.  Sometimes, many of the reviews a consumer sees are not as legitimate as they might perceive them to be.  I’ve heard reports from others saying that certain companies might pay for reviews.  Companies might take jobs, offering their customers an ultra discounted rate as an incentive to get them to write reviews for them.  Another method is to pay their customers for the opportunity of a review.  There are also services where companies can buy reviews.  Something has to look fishy in your mind if you see a company who has several hundred completely positive ratings or even thousands if they are just a smaller locally owned outfit.  I can sincerely tell you that not everyone of my clients has reviewed my business before.  Only a certain few have taken the time to review me.  The annoying thing about companies with all those hundreds of reviews is that when you get one of their former one-time customers, they begin to tell you how they left them with ill results in some form or fashion.  I step back and think to myself, “well how could that have been if an expert top-rated company has a perfect rating all across the board with hundreds of 5 star reviews to their name??”  Maybe it was in an effort to provide themselves with an easier means of attracting the work, but it’s only a matter of time before the bad ones bring them down and then what?…

Although, carpet cleaning reviews were meant to play a legitimate role in adding consumer confidence, consumers ultimately have to be weary and use a certain amount of common sense, otherwise they can still get taken unfortunately.

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Cheap Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Cheap Carpet Cleaning And The Results It Makes For.

Cheap Carpet Cleaning

The problem with cheap carpet cleaning companies is that they lure consumers to their services using low prices that eventually become bigger under pressurized circumstances, usually on a one-on-one basis inside their homes.  That seems to be a real pet peeve for people looking to utilize carpet cleaning services.  If you take a good look at the example coupon above, you’ll see the architecture of an up-sell in the making before you even make the call to have them come out, by the way they have separated the certain services they should be offering as one.

And in regards to the steam services those cheap carpet cleaning companies claim to offer, they don’t really incorporate water hot enough to do the job of killing bacteria and viruses.  Those nasty critters that might be living in your carpet such as fleas, lice, and dust mites don’t get killed either.  How can they when time and fast money matter over quality results?  More so, how can they when cheap carpet cleaning prices are so ridiculously low?  So low that they tend to leave a bad taste in consumers mouths?  When they start upselling customers inside their own homes, putting the pressure on that’s not cool.

Dust mites for example, are all over the place especially in a place like San Diego County Ca.  They thrive on your carpet fibers & upholstery fabric.  Not only is there dust in your carpet but a combination of other things like fleas from your pets, dead skin & hair, lice, pet dander and a variety of other common household allergens that create a feeding frenzy for these mites!  Not to mention a vast assortment of bacteria and other pathogens that can spread through your home like wildfire by way of simple human contact & movement.

It’s safe to say that most people spend a lot of time inside their homes with their families.  Why not sanitize your favorite living space?  Go with a professional, fast drying, high quality, sanitizing steam cleaning for your carpet & upholstery!  A service that leaves no filmy residue behind.  Your freshly cleaned carpet in your home and/or business office will make you feel healthier and will smell cleaner and fresher!  But, you have to hire a competent carpet cleaner who can perform.  It will take paying a higher price than $14.95, like in the example given above in the picture.  Otherwise… disappointing results from a cheap carpet cleaning San Diego service.

State Of The Art Steam Vapor Cleaning Or Truckmount Hot Water Extraction

You need our high powered truckmount machine to get the job done right!  Cheap companies use them, but many do not employ additional equipment for heating up the water hot.  Our machine delivers powerful “Sanitizing Steam” (240 Degrees Fahrenheit & above) along with our amazingly safe and effective non-toxic cleaning solution that emulsifies dirt & grease right before your eyes!  Our powerful cleaning solution is just an added benefit to our cleaning process, though it really does go hand-in-hand with the sanitizing steam that our machine delivers!  Our sanitizing steam kills the heck out of dust mites and fleas!  We then extract them and all of the dirt and grime from your carpet, using high pressure vacuum technology that leaves your carpet & upholstery feeling so fresh, residue free, & smelling so clean!

The Damaging Effects Dirt Can Cause When Cheap Carpet Cleaning Is Involved!

Carpet actually has the tendency to hide dirt, and if you clean it only after you let it get really dirty, the damage is already done.  Dirt can play an exponential role in wearing down your carpet by burrowing into the fibers, and shredding away at them with each pass.  We recommend that you vacuum regularly, about once a week, to help extend the life of your carpet.  If you or your children have allergies and pets are a part of your family, cleaning your carpet twice a week and deep cleaning at least 4 times annually is recommended. The more regularly you clean your carpets, the less dirt and pet dander will be ground into the base of the carpet and the longer it will last.

You don’t want to invest in one of those “weak sauce” rental machines!  You can rent one at your local grocery store, but cheap carpet cleaning disappoints every single time!  All they do is break your back while soaking your carpet with cold water and they don’t even have the power to extract the dirt, grime, and super concentrated cleaning solution you applied in the first place – making for the creation of a “toxic soup” of sorts that ends up drying back onto your carpet.  GRIMEY!!  It’s the steam & extraction that really does the trick!

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Steam Cleaner Rental

Steam Cleaner Rental vs. Truckmount Hot Water Extraction?

Have you ever did the steam cleaner rental thing excited not only by the prospect of saving money but the pride and enthusiasm of doing it yourself?  You went down to the grocery store and rented one or you might have went over to The Home Depot and picked one up.  You bring it back home and proceed to get to it, cleaning your carpet.  You start to notice that you’re going through water and soap like crazy wondering where it’s all going as it seems like you aren’t recovering as much as your applying.  You notice that it’s taking longer than you thought and your carpet seems to be so wet, giving you the impression that it’s going to take forever to dry at that rate.  After a while you are like, “dang!, this is a lot of work!”  Soon, your back starts to hurt not realizing that it was more labor intensive than you thought and now you have successfully thrown your back out!  You didn’t want that, but it is the price to be paid for going at it alone.  

Your carpet is soaking wet and then after a few days, you begin to realize where the soap you were applying was going as your carpet takes on a sticky residue feel to it.  Your situation is worse now than before you started because not only are you dealing with the aforementioned, but there seems to be a strange musky stench emanating from your carpet that wasn’t there before.  You don’t like it but you are going to have to learn to live with it because you don’t have any money to spend on getting it cleaned professionally the right way.  After some weeks go by, brownish spots start to mysteriously appear.  You scratch your head and ask yourself, “What is all this?  Why are all these spots starting to appear?”  What happened was you ended up sinking most of the surface dirt deep down into the backing of the carpet, padding, and sub-flooring or concrete slab.  This happens when carpet isn’t vacuumed first and when moisture control is lost.  Your mind starts to reel when you realize that you may end up having to pay more than you initally wanted by having to ge the carpet pulled up in order to properly deodorize.  And, all because you wanted to save a buck?  Why go through all of this pain and anguish when you could just pay a little more for quality first time out to experience carpet cleaning done the right way??

Steam Cleaner Rental Machine

Steam Cleaner Rental Machines

When it comes to steam cleaner rental machines for carpet cleaning, they are weak and cannot recover water used to clean carpets well.  The simply just do not have the power that a truckmount hot water extraction machine has.  I remember when consumers were able to rent what was known as “shampoo machines” or “shampooer’s.”  You could rent them at the grocery store, but all they would do is lather up your carpet with tons of soap and water that could not be recovered.  You just had to wait for it to dry!  Didn’t smell too good a few days later either.

Just think about it for a second; if the soap and water that was being applied on top of all the rest of the filth that was residing in the carpet was not being recovered and removed, can you imagine the filth level in that toxic soup that was being created?  Yuck!  Pet mishap, human mishap, dust, dirt, grease, bacteria, and viruses all mixed into the newly created concoction..  Oh my god the filth.  You should have just let the toilet overflow with sewer onto your carpet… would have been cheaper!!

Steam Cleaning

Don’t get me wrong that’s all there was back in the olden days there.  That excuse doesn’t fly nowadays though.  You have the option to choose a carpet cleaner or company that provides sanitizing truckmount hot water extraction or steam vapor cleaning today.  The question really boils down to whether or not you will know to take the quality route or not and seek out a locally owned, owner operator that can give you the best chance at quality and the best, most satisfying bang for your buck!

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Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet stain removal revolves around removing stains that are comprised of dye’s or inks or even dirt & grease that unknowingly has staining properties such as grease from food on a polyester carpet. Many times grease adheres to a carpet made of plastic and becomes difficult to remove, making for more pronounced spots and traffic lanes for example.

People who try and remove stains on their own using store bought over the counter products many times end up setting the stain permanently. But, it’s not their fault though.  They just didn’t know anything about the ingredients in the formulas of those particular cleaning supplies such as optical brighteners.  The only way those can be removed after that would be to either dye the carpet in that area or to just cut out that patch of carpet and replace it. And, many times even then the carpet doesn’t match 100% due to the new patch being newer or unused and the older carpet surrounding it being worn & torn and weathered, mostly from the sun.

Urine On Carpet

Put Urine SpotsUrine In Wood Sub-FlooringPet Urine In Concrete

Then there are the all too well known pet urine spots. If they’ve been given the chance to turn yellow or gold, this means that the urine in that spot wasn’t removed and cleaned up quick enough and was given the opportunity to oxidize the carpet due to the high Ph level in the urine. Unfortunately, all too often the urine escapes because it wasn’t found quick enough and seeps down beyond the backing and into the padding. It even usually goes a step further and makes contact with wood sub-flooring and the concrete foundation. Then that’s when you have a horrible malodor situation on your hands from the crystallization of that urine that may be difficult to remove from the wood!

There are many types of spots that are usually mistaken for stains. Most spots can be cleaned and removed easily with the right cleaning products and processes because they are mostly being caused by residues from the sugars that were in the drink spillage for example. Spill goes down, gets into the padding, liquid has to dry so no choice but to evaporate as it wicks or pulls itself up through the carpet, bringing underlying dirt up with it as well. Dust and dirt then becomes attracted to that spot because of the residues from the sugars.  Could have been the soda that spilled or the chocolate milk or the juice.

Carpet Stain Removal – Types Of Stains

Stains however, are more on the permanent side. They are usually from things like nail polish, hair dye, printer ink, crayon, marker, and the dyes from food coloring in foods and drinks such as kool aid and some pet foods when they vomit.  Luckily, there are methods for some of these types of stains to be removed, or have a better shot a being removed without having to cut out and replace the carpet in that area.

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How To Clean Carpet

How To Clean Carpet The Correct Way

When wondering how to clean carpet, many people think it’s just a matter of renting a machine somewhere that shampoo’s carpet.  They think this is the way cleaning is done when in fact, an old school process like that almost doesn’t exist anymore.  Besides, all those methods used to do is soak your carpet all up and leave a bunch of sudsy soap behind, making them sticky and crunchy from all the residues.  There’s a much better way nowadays!

How To Clean Carpet

First off, you must employ a hot steam extraction service after the application of a pre-conditioning soap goes down to emulsify dirt and grease.  This could not be achieved with the old shampoo machines.  The old style of cleaning would just apply way too much soap and water.  Then, the machine you rented would scrub it in and create a sudsy, soapy mess that combined with the filth and gunk that was already pre-existing in your carpet.  The carpet was left soaking wet for days and the soap just ended up drying on your carpet.  Do you remember how crunchy it was after it dried?  I remember!  I also remember the smell of the soap.  Talk about chemicals!  It smelled like mildew too.

Shampooing Is Not How To Clean Carpet

Carpet cleaning has come a long way from the olden days of “shampooing.”  Nowadays, a whole new line of technology in equipment is used.  On the residential end it is primarily a truckmounted machine that’s used to do the job.  This makes for simultaneous hot water application and extraction, and the extraction is powerful enough to not leave your carpet sopping wet for a week!  Once extracted, it’s now time to dry the carpet.  Surprisingly, most carpet cleaners don’t understand how to get a carpet dry enough to have it finish drying in a sensible amount of time after they have left your job.  And, there are a few primary reasons for this.  One is that they are in a hurry to get to the next job because of a quota they need to meet.  This is the primary reason for them leaving consumers with soggy wet carpet, and other highly undesirable results.

If a technician can achieve this properly, then this is how to clean carpet the right way!  Of course, whoever is performing this process has to know what they are doing.  The consumer is happy and the company now has hopefully made a client for life.  This is exactly how to clean carpet the right way.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Precision Carpet Care, Inc. specializes in commercial carpet cleaning office space settings.  From doctors to dental offices, high rise buildings, and any other commercial setting.  Our commercial carpet cleaning process is unique, yet thorough.  Depending on the soil level, we may use a 1 step or even a 2 step process on your carpet.  This ensures that we create a clean slate for carpeting, making for future maintenance cleaning easier.  The encapsulation method we employ is the best because it traps and suspends dirt and grease as it forms a dry bond around it, waiting for the next time your janitorial staff vacuums.  As our cleaning solution is solvent based, dry times are quick taking about an hour to dry.  This is great for time constraints when you need a quick cleaning and cannot sacrifice your work staff taking precious time of long term.

Commercial Office Carpet Cleaning

If the soil level is more pronounced, then it may require an additional step.  Non the less, we’ve got you covered and can deliver on a quality result without the obnoxious and overpowering fragrance of a heavy deodorizer.  What we do first is pre-inspect your carpet for things like traffic areas and how badly soiled they are.  Next up, we look for spots and stains.  In a bustling office setting or environment with lots of employees, there are going to be spillages from drinks and food, especially in or around the break room.  This is a normality.  Olefin carpet that is a part of most commercial spaces has a tendency to hold on to grease, so this can make for difficulties in trying to reverse the discolorations it leaves behind.  Vacumming is an essential part of the cleaning process, so we make sure to notate apply that.  If we decide that our 1 step process is only going to be necessary, then this is usually done with our encapsulation technique.  When the day comes we use our state of the art scrub machines to simultaneously apply the cleaning solution while scrubbing and agitating it for the best cleaning result.  This is usually all it takes.  If the soil level is worse it may require our 2 step process.

2 Step Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

Now, the 2 step process mentioned above consists of a combination truck mounted hot water extraction process, just like we use on the residential end, along with our encapsulation application that is used primarily for commercial carpet cleaning.  This makes for an outstanding result, because the dirt, grease, and grime from food and drink spillages, and the outside environment constantly getting tracked in just gets striped right up and taken away.  When we apply our encapsulation product this gives the carpet an extra level of clean and protection for a longer lasting result.  Our customers are always happy when we do it this way for them, because this means a longer lasting clean.

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Area Rug Cleaning

Does Precision Truly Specialize In Area Rug Cleaning?

Of course we do area rug cleaning and quality too!  It’s a professional, knowledgeable step-by-step process that a lot of rug cleaners or companies choose not to exercise.  Most of the time it’s due to a lack of honesty and work ethic, but more so just to speed through the job for profit purposes more than anything else…

Our customers who end up turning into clients always ask us this question after experience the results we provide… How do you get the carpet to look and feel so clean and soft and smell so fresh??  The answer to that is, we do not leave any residues from soap to dwell on your flooring after we are finished. 

Completely extracting, flushing, and rinsing the surfaces we clean for you leaving zero soapy residue to turn sticky in a couple days is what we do best.  Our knowledge and cleaning equipment behind that doesn’t allow it!

Area Rug Cleaning

Let’s delve a little deeper into that, shall we? When zero residue techniques for cleaning are not incorporated, what gets left behind are soapy residues and they will dry crunchy and make your carpet sticky too. Sometimes carpet cleaners don’t pre-condition the carpets they are supposed to be cleaning.  This goes for area rugs as well.  A lot of times, what they do instead is combine the soap with the same water they are supposed to be flushing & rinsing with and that makes for a ton of soap residue left on your carpet to dry sticky and crunchy.

What We Provide With Our Area Rug Cleaning

We use a pre-treatment which is our green cleaning solution that emulsifies dirt and grease on contact and prepares it to be cleaned right off with our powerful steam extraction process.  It’s great!  Our area rug cleaning makes for zero residues and our customers and clients like that!!

You wouldn’t wash your hair that way, or your clothes or dishes for that matter would you?  No.  Why?  Because, the residue from the soap that wasn’t rinsed out will make things sticky.  That’s a no-brainer.

Most of the time, a big multi-truck operation sets a quota to meet for their employees and that means commissions.  They just want to hammer out as many as possible for that reason, not taking into consideration their work ethic and non-attention to zero res.  So at the end of the day, it’s simply a matter of rushing through it all with a lack of work ethic fueled by profit potential for the big guys.  If ever you experience that from an “owner-operator”, then it’s just a matter of laziness and irresponsibility!

So, that’s what happens when floors are not cleaned the right way, the quality way where zero sticky residue is not left behind to promote stickiness, crunchiness, soapiness, flakiness, and eventual dirtiness!  If only they knew how to clean carpet, area rugs, and overall flooring the right way.

We clean:

Synthetic materials


Shag, low cut pile, berber, etc.

We don’t clean:

Delicate fibers such as Haitian Cotton, Oriental, and Persian rugs

All of our cleaning products are safe for your family and the environment.  Even if we were to use a harsher more chemical based cleaner, it is still going to be completely and thoroughly flushed and rinsed from your carpet, because our knowledge behind what we are doing and our powerful equipment and process won’t allow it.  Nothing is left behind to dry crunchy and attract a ton of dirt to it to make it dirty again quick!  This is why we say no residues!

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