Best Carpet Cleaner San Diego

Best Carpet Cleaner

What is the best carpet cleaner someone can utilize?  Is it a process that consists of a machine with other pieces of equipment?  Is it some type of cleaning solution you can buy over the counter at a retail location or online?  There are so many different things somebody can use to clean a carpet with.  But after all that being said, what is the best carpet cleaner San Diego that leaves behind a highly desirable result?

Best Carpet Cleaner

If you’ve ever had a carpet “steam” vapor cleaned on a professional basis, you’ll know that the outcome can vary.  You might get soaking wet carpet afterwards or you might get carpets that are bone dry by the time it is all over.  You might get tons of soapy sticky residue leftover on your carpet.  Or you might find the best carpet cleaner San Diego that can get your carpeting clean without leaving all of those harmful residues behind.  Is the cleaning going to be for a commercial setting like a commercial business plaza or will it be for a residential home?  Did you just want to kind of clean up some type of pet mishap or spillage of some kind?

Many people tend to use the term “carpet cleaner” for different things.  Some use it to refer to someone who cleans carpet professionally using specialized industrial equipment.  Some use it for the stuff you they can buy at the grocery store.  But, the best carpet cleaner that can provide the best possible result is going to be a company who specializes in quality using the industrial equipment that was meant for cleaning carpets.

Various Methods Of Carpet Cleaners

Very Low Moisture (VLM) or No-Moisture Carpet CleaningFrom no moisture encapsulation or very low moisture cleaning (VLM) for commercial properties made exclusively for fast drying to hot water extraction (HWE) mostly used on residences and sometimes even on the commercial end, these are the best carpet cleaning methods for these specific types of settings.  Many consumers buy retail chemical cleaners used to treat dirt and grease spots.  But, many don’t know that the chemicals these cleaning products are comprised of have ingredients that can do damage to a carpet by taking color away for example.  Many professional carpet cleaning companies will tell you that these formulations are not good to use on carpet.  But, then again people will use things they are not supposed to on carpet like bleach, pine sol, laundry detergent, dish washing liquid, etc.

Best Carpet Cleaner Process Available

Steam Vapor Cleaning Of CarpetFor the best carpet cleaning possible, it would be good to have truckmount hot water extraction performed.  Many consumers who have had their carpeting cleaned in their homes or offices know this method by the term “steam cleaning” or “steam vapor cleaning.”  As long as the professional carpet cleaner you hire provides you with this to sanitize and kill bacteria and other pathogens and viruses, mites, fleas, lice and a whole host of other critters, you can count on the carpet being really clean and sanitary.  If they can also get your carpet dry to the touch before they are done, then this is also a plus and makes for a high quality carpet cleaning experience.  Also, make sure they can remove all of the cleaning agents they use to clean your carpet by completely rinsing out and flushing it making for a truly green outcome.  If you get it done this way, then you will have experienced the best, most thorough carpet cleaning ever – and we can do that for you!