Best Way To Clean Carpet

The Best Way To Clean Carpet – Quality Step-By-Step Process Makes All The Difference!

Best Way To Clean CarpetThe best way to clean carpet is through steam vapor cleaning or also known as hot water extraction with a truckmount machine. This method employs water heated to 240 degrees and above and can kill viruses and bacteria, as well as dust mites, lice, and fleas.  What qualifies a carpet cleaner to be labeled as a true quality professional are things like ethics and his attention to detail, along with the ability to communicate with his clients and establish great rapport. Another important ingredient in the picture as a whole is knowledge behind what he is doing.  This makes all the difference.  Who wants to end up with a dirty, dingy looking carpet afterwards, like nothing ever took place.  Below is a quality process that we offer to all our customers and clients.  This helps us in achieving the best results possible for our clientele.

Step 1:  Pre-Inspection.  Complete and thorough pre-inspection of your carpets, tile / grout, area rugs, and upholstery to be cleaned will be performed.  Designed to let us look for things like burns in the carpet, melting of fibers or from candle wax, general wearing in traffic patterns, fraying of fibers, stains that have set in and have become permanent and so on.  Everything is set in writing, from pricing agreed to, to the customer authorizing us to proceed with the work.

Step 2:  Vacuum carpet first.  If needed, we will vacuum your carpet before we start the actual carpet cleaning with our truckmounted equipment.  Note: Our machine will also vacuum additional dirt while cleaning.

Step 3:  Furniture Moving.  Furniture items such as chairs, sofas, and tables can be carefully moved and rested on foam tabs to protect them and your carpet from damage or staining .  We do not move furniture items that are prone to liabilities like antique furnishings, electrical wires from audio equipment, televisions, and items known by you to be weak or damaged before hand.

Step 4:  Pre- Treatment and Spot Conditioning.  The second beneficial phase of your carpet cleaning after pre-vacuuming.  Spots and high traffic areas are treated with specialized cleaners that not only are environment friendly, but are key in effective soil dissolving of your carpets, upholstery, and tile / grout.

Step 5:  Pre-Groom, Agitate. Pre-groom the carpet to further loosen traffic area soiling.  Power scrubbing may be implemented for stubborn areas of carpet.

Step 6: Rinse & Extract.  Super hot water translating to steam is then injected into the fibers of your carpet, agitating the pre-conditioning solution further and boosting its effect.  Powerful simultaneous flush, rinse and extraction also occurs, lifting out the soil and rinsing with a neutralizing agent making for cleaner, drier, softer, and healthier carpets, not to mention zero residue!

Step 7:  Fast Dry.  (Included in full-service pricing only) High velocity air movers will be placed strategically when needed for optimal fast dry times.  Rest assured that this option will get most carpet types substantially dry by the time we leave.  Imagine that… carpets so clean and dry you could walk on them that same day and not have to stay at the Motel 6 for 3 or 4 nights!!

Step 8:  Furniture Replacement & Tabbing.  Furnishings will be put back into their original placement and be protected using disposable foam tabs or plastic slip covers to avoid staining of carpet.

Step 9:  Post Grooming.  The carpet pile is set correctly to aid in quick dry times.  This eliminates any chance of spots resurfacing.  Plus, there is a lifetime guarantee for that!

Step 10:  Post-Inspection.  Walk through your home and inspect the results.  Make sure you are satisfied with our workmanship, and then finalize the transaction.  You will be amazed!  Additional things like teflon protection, stain removal, and pet odor control are available as extras.