Carpet Cleaning Companies San Diego

Finding The Right Carpet Cleaning Companies

Carpet Cleaning Companies San DiegoKnowing how to find and choose the right carpet cleaning companies in San Diego is becoming more and more difficult everyday.  What do you do when anyone and everyone can use all the quality buzz words at their will and convenience without any checks and balances?  What can services who truly specialize in quality do when things eventually become what’s known as “public domain.”  Anyone can literally take your marketing ideas and duplicate them either outright or by changing them slightly.  Using the majority of your original idea(s) is essentially cheating.  All of this makes it difficult for consumers to differentiate between who really performs quality and who just says they do.  Using a low priced lure to reel you in and not performing quality is just plain wrong.

The Unethical Carpet Cleaning Service Pitch

Take pet odor removal for example.  A lot of cleaning companies will tell you that they can remove odor by simply deodorizing the carpet fibers during their “cleaning process.”  They pitched you some kind of a “package price” that claimed odor removal, when in reality the problem goes deeper than just the top fibers of the carpet, but they didn’t tell you that though.  They just told you that they could take care of your problem for you for that price.  The quality carpet cleaner on the other hand explained it to you outright over the phone or in person.  They explained the nature of that particular beast that would require different methods of cleaning and deodorizing.  But, you as the consumer didn’t really go for that.  Maybe it sounded too complicated or maybe you thought “we” where the ones that were trying to set you up for a shake down of your wallet!  So, you ended up going for their deal instead and ended up spending $300 to get what you thought would fix your problem, because they told you they could fix it, but they didn’t and now it smells even worse and you are out $300!  

Customer Disappointment
Worried consumer trying to call a San Diego carpet cleaning company she hired to come back out and fix the mess they left behind.

You make every attempt at trying to contact these types of carpet cleaners.  They always do the same thing to you.  They don’t come back out to fix their mess that you paid for.  They also don’t honor their guarantee essentially creating a bad image for all of us.

A quality pricing pitch and service explanation looks to be something that doesn’t seem to register in the minds of a large portion of today’s society even if it’s right in front of their faces.  And, for good reason.  Consumers have been lied to and deceived by the companies who were supposed to be professionals in their arena.  But, you can’t put the blame on companies entirely because consumers are always looking for the best deal possible, not realizing that by giving into such a blatantly obvious cheap deal, that they will be helping to set the tempo for disappointment.

Finding The Right Carpet Cleaning Companies

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The question that is probably coming to mind right now is “how to go about looking for and finding that carpet cleaning company that’s going to truly supply that wow factor?”  First thing to take into consideration would be, do the carpet cleaning services have a decent looking website to represent their businesses with.  Secondly, how do they sound over the phone when you call them for information and a price estimate?  Do they sound confident in how they are coming across and what they are telling you, or do they sound like they want to hurry up and get you over with and book you already because they have more important things going on??  Are they an owner operated gig where you are speaking to the owner himself, or are they a franchise operation that connected you with a sales representative who doesn’t have first hand field experience?  As you are speaking to the representative, does it sound like they are making too many promises they really won’t be able to keep?  I will be the first one to tell you that over-promising and under-delivering is a big problem among many carpet cleaning companies!  How do I know?… because the former clients of these shoddy carpet cleaning services tell me about all their mistakes and how they left them utterly disappointed before I make them my new clients.