Carpet Cleaning Prices San Diego

Carpet Cleaning Prices – Various Pricing Methods

Carpet Cleaning PricesA common scam method for advertising carpet cleaning prices would be: “Whole house carpet cleaning $115”, but in the fine print it says **Up to 600 sq ft.  That’s more like the size of a small apartment!  What if I have an actual house over 2000 sq ft??…

Have you ever responded to an ad that advertised cheap carpet cleaning prices?  Okay, what happened when you called the phone number in the ad?  Wait, let me guess… they told you everything you wanted to hear and so you hired them to come out and do your job, but when they managed to gain access to your sanctuary, all of a sudden the original advertised price you had hired them based on was no longer valid right?  They proceeded to tell you that the pricing in the ad was for basic vapor steam cleaning only and that you were going to need their “pre-treatment” in order to get your carpet clean.  They also told you that you were going to need individual spot treatment and that was also going to be extra.  What a nightmare!

There are various ways to quote or estimate price for carpet cleaning.  The above example is the most well known and used pricing tactic by carpet cleaners in our industry.  They are hoping they can ease you into paying their price in a progressive way, but still using a certain amount of pressure in the process.  Personally, I hate being led through a progression that ends up costing me more than I had anticipated.

But, that’s not the disappointing part!  The disappointment comes when these types of companies quote their prices this way.  Realizing they can’t perform the quality you were looking for afterwards is frustrating.  They made it sound like they could but in the end it only led to tremendous disappointment.

Carpet cleaning prices pitched the ethical way.

I prefer to quote prices a different way.  I use more of an ethical trustworthy approach.  That sets the platform for customer satisfaction.  The way I do it is that I quote prospective clients an upfront price that I normally stick to and all my services are included in the price.  Included is my signature accelerated drying that leaves most carpet in San Diego dry to the touch by the time I am finished with the job.  Also included is sanitizing truckmount hot water extraction (HWE) at 240 degrees or more that kills pathogens we know to prevelant in the form of bacteria and viruses.  This high degree of steam vapor cleaning is excellent for obliterating bugs that might be in the carpet like lice, mites from dust and the fleas that are usually in full force if you there are pets a part of the household.  Another awesome and highly sought after service that is included as part of a quality pricing schedule is what’s come known to be as “Zero Res” or no sticky residue.  This does exactly what it says in its name and makes for zero soapy residue left behind on the carpet from the cleaning process.  You really get what you pay for when quality pricing is involved.  But, there is absolutely no bait and switch price tactics involved with an owner-operated, locally owned company.

Now, most carpet cleaning outfits will say things like “satisfaction guaranteed.”  They also might offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  But, what does that really mean?  For a quality operation such as Precision Carpet Cleaning, Inc, this simply means quality.  “We guarantee that if any dirt and grease spots decide to resurface that were present before we commenced cleaning, we will come back and take care of them at no additional charge for life.  As long as you stay a client of ours we will honor .  Other carpet cleaners won’t do that for you.

So, when it comes to price estimates, there are several ways companies go about this.  Some offer you pricing based more on a package deal approach while some choose to use more of a progressive tactic that feels good and natural to both you and them, but ends up leaving you soaked in the end!

Ultimately, the choice is yours to make.  Choose your carpet cleaning quotes wisely…