Dry Carpet Cleaning

Our Signature Dry Carpet Cleaning Service

Quick Drying

At Precision quick dry carpet cleaning, we get new customers that constantly ask “how long is it going to take the carpet to dry with your service?”  And, when the answer is, “we can get your carpets dry by the time we leave” that really adds to the curiosity and excitement of fast dry!  People simply do not want carpet that is going to be soaking wet and is going to take 3 or 4 days to dry, let alone grow a mold that will be harmful to your health and indoor environment and that will also smell like mildew!

Have you ever wondered why “spots” end up coming back so quickly over and over again after having them “professionally” cleaned?  This ill result has everything to do with the over-wetting or soaking of your carpet by the cleaning technician who’s quality work ethic is completely non-existent.  They applied too much pre-conditioner (soap cleaning agent) to your carpet, lost control of all that heavy liquid that got drug down into the backing, padding, and wood sub-flooring or concrete foundation to make contact with underlying dirt, spillage, pet mishap, etc.  It has to dry somehow, so seeing as that moisture evaporates it tends to wick up through the fibers bringing all of the dirt back up with it.  This is why spots resurface.  The carpet cleaning technician must pay attention to this at all times and be on top of it otherwise they will lose control of the situation.

So, How Is It That Precision’s Floor Care Service Dries So Fast?

Combined with both the knowledge and equipment, our fast dry formula allows us to leave most carpet substantially dry, if not completely dry to the touch by the time we leave your home. And, if only 90% dry before we go, our formula allows most carpets to finish its fast dry process completely in about an hour or 2 when a wet, truckmounted sanitizing steam cleaning method is used!  It just speeds the process up tremendously!!

Even though we utilize the newest ground breaking technology in the fast dry industry “equipment wise”, it really is only half the recipe!  The other half is the knowledge. That’s what enables us to get most carpets “bone dry” quick even in the cold winter months and even when it’s raining!!

Now, normally we don’t make the ingredients of our secret recipes available on our website, but due to popular demand, we’d like to introduce you to a fast dry machine called the Studebaker AirPath!

Dry Carpet Cleaning

The Ultimate In Dry Carpet Cleaning.

With this ultimate quick dry carpet cleaning technology, carpets dry much faster now than they ever did! This air mover is powerful, with its 360 degree flow of air making it the best fast dry tool ever conceived. Hotter air is drawn down from above, blows it in multiple directions through the entire carpet for the fastest drying ever!! This is just one ingredient in our process that makes our signature fast dry service so exciting!

And when combined with our zero residue technology… you just end up with a carpet so flushed, rinsed, and clean you could eat off it!