Green Carpet Cleaners San Diego

Green Carpet Cleaners – The Eco Friendly, Natural, Non Toxic Way!

Green Carpet Cleaners San DiegoPrecision Green Carpet Cleaners uses cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly and effective for your carpeting.  The cleaning agents we use are fully hypoallergenic, non-toxic, chemical free, and safe with the “green seal logo” on them.  They are the perfect choice when our surroundings in our environment are already loaded down with harmful chemicals that are difficult to escape from.  

We breathe them, drink them, eat them, bathe in them, and sleep in them.  Not to mention the amount of dust and dirt that we have in the air here in San Diego County Ca.  Precision makes green carpet cleaning possible with the use of safe, natural, non toxic cleaners.  Protecting the environment we live in is essential and so is our health.  It’s our responsibility!

The time for a healthy home environment is now!  Do you clean your floors with chemicals?  If you’re the type that likes to walk around barefoot on your flooring, then your body is absorbing all of those chemicals in through the pores of your skin.  Constantly cleaning with harsh chemicals is important for people to be aware of as it can be dangerous.  They add to the strain of an already strained liver to have to constantly cleanse your system.  Your babies, kids, and pets are absorbing all of that madness too!  We are a carpet cleaners that perform natural non-toxic cleaning healthy for your indoor environment.  If you treat your domain like a sanctuary, then you’ll know that chemical free is the way to go!

When was the last time you got back to nature?  Deep in a forest surrounded by trees, lakes, and streams breathing in crisp, clean, fresh air.  So wonderful, so peaceful, and so refreshing.  Wouldn’t you like to have fresh clean carpets cleaned the green way?  A safe, non toxic, eco-friendly, chem free way is the healthiest way for the environment.  It’s also safe for you and your family too!

Green carpet cleaners promote:

  • A healthy cleaning alternative
  • Pollution reduction
  • Improvement of indoor air quality
  • Protection of our planet
  • An overall healthy way of living

We use a soap free, odor free, green, natural, and hypoallergenic cleaning product.  This environmentally safe cleaner delivers great results surprisingly for being chemical free!  This is a perfect option for expectant mothers, newborns, children, and people who suffer greatly at the hands of allergies.  For more information about this safe powerful green natural cleaning product, give us a call at 619.392.8012

Green eco-friendly carpet cleaning positively affects your quality of life and your indoor air quality.  Let Precision help improve your quality of life today by having us clean your carpets the safe and non-toxic way!  For more information about our service or to schedule an appointment, please call 619.392.8012.