Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam Carpet Cleaning Super Hot Sanitizing And Truckmounted

Our customers are often amazed by our steam carpet cleaning process they see us cleaning their carpet with.  They always ask us how we get the water so hot.  It’s simple!  It takes heat to cook the water up.  This is another ingredient in our quality cleaning recipe that allows us to stand apart!  We have a few different pieces of equipment we normally use to heat water up to a suitable temperature at somewhere between 230 and 270 degrees in order to effectively kill pathogens like viruses and bacteria, as well as fleas, lice, and dust mites.

If your carpet cleaning company isn’t using super hot steam to sanitize your carpet with, then your carpet isn’t being sanitized and cleaned correctly!  There are a whole host of critters and pathogens taking up residency in your carpet that simply get overlooked consistently, because we can’t see them.  We only realize they’re there when we start to get sick with allergies and colds and such.  

Sanitizing Steam Cleaning

A reputable company such as Precision carpet cleaning however, is able to deliver an excellent consistent truckmounted temperature of 230 degrees and above using additional state of the art equipment not mentioned herein.  This means that extra hot water transformed into super hot steam will definitely blast your carpets clean!!

Truckmount Hot Water Extraction Or Vapor Steam Carpet Cleaning

In the world of carpet cleaners, to be “truckmounted” simply means that a cleaning machine used to clean carpets is mounted on or in a vehicle, usually inside of a van.  This machine is usually a standalone unit.  It is very powerful and does not require anything more than just a water connection from a prospective clients residence or business.  These machines were made to provide a simultaneous combination of hot water / steam injection and powerful vacuum extraction, in order to get your carpets clean and dry fast.  Truck mounted machines deliver the best results in drying, because they are the most powerful – if used correctly.  A technician has to have a decent wanding ethic.  They can’t just speed through cleaning of a carpet without without performing proper dry passes.  Too many cleaners key their cleaning wands the whole time they are cleaning and this puts substantial amounts of moisture down on a carpet.  This is a no no.

So, the next time you see the terms “truck mount”, “truckmount”, “truckmounted”, or “truck mounted”, the above mentioned are what these terms mean.  To schedule a deep, thorough, fast drying, residue free steam carpet cleaning, simply call us at 619.392.8012.