Zero Soap Residue Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Zero Soap Residue Carpet Cleaning …Soft & Fresh


zero soap residue carpet cleaning San Diego

Does Precision truly specialize in Zero Soap Residue carpet cleaning ?  The answer to that is absolutely yes!  Quality carpet cleaning is a professional, knowledgeable step-by-step process.   A lot of carpet cleaners or companies choose not to exercise this.  Most of the time it’s due to a lack of honesty and work ethic.  More importantly, it’s for profit purposes than anything else.  So, why doesn’t my carpet feel so sticky-crunchy?  Why does it not look dingy and dirty when Precision zero soap residue carpet cleaning cleans it??  It’s due to the knowledge behind zero res cleaning that doesn’t allow that to happen!!

Zero Residues.

Let’s delve a little deeper into that, shall we? When zero sticky residue carpet cleaning methods are not applied, soapy residues get left behind to make your carpet dry sticky and crunchy.  The carpet cleaning company you hired didn’t pre-condition your carpet before steam extracting.  Instead, what they did was set up their hoses and started cleaning with a soapy water combination or emulsifier right away.  They should have been rinse extracting with fresh water instead.  They’re “cleaning” your carpet with water that has soap mixed in to it!  They should be flushing and rinsing with fresh softened water.  That’s why your carpets get dirty fast afterwards because they don’t provide 0 residue.

You’re probably saying to yourself right now, “we’ll that doesn’t sound right?? I don’t ever wash my hair with shampoo and not rinse it out.  I never leave it in to dry because it’ll get sticky and dry crunchy!  And, that’ll defeat the purpose??? Lol!”

Zero Soap Residue Carpet Cleaning Companies

Most of the time, a big multi-truck operation sets a quota to meet for their employees and that means commissions.  They just want to hammer out as many as possible for that reason, not taking into consideration their work ethic and non-attention to zero soapy res carpet cleaning. So at the end of the day, it’s simply a matter of rushing through it all with a lack of work ethic fueled by profit potential for the big guys. If ever you experience that from an “owner-operator”, then it’s just a matter of laziness and irresponsibility!

So, when no soap residue carpet cleaning is not performed right it promotes a sticky, crunchy, soapy, flaky, dirty feel! We didn’t say the truth wasn’t going to hurt…

Living Room Carpet BeforeLiving Room Carpet AfterDining Room Carpet BeforeDining Room Carpet After

Now, we rinse your carpet with fresh softened water instead of soapy water, making for zero residues! Plus, as a quality residue free carpet cleaning service, we have incredibly powerful equipment.  It doesn’t allow us to soak carpet at all.  This means no 3 or 4 night stays at the Holiday Inn waiting for your carpet to dry! Not only do we thoroughly flush, rinse, and extract our cleaning solution from your carpet leaving it residue free, but we also kill bacteria, dust mites, fleas, lice, and a whole host of other critters and pathogens with a high temperature of sanitizing steam and powerful vacuum extraction, also making for fast dry times!

And, even though all of our cleaning products are safe for your family and the environment, they’re still going to be completely and thoroughly flushed and rinsed from your carpet, so that nothing is left behind to dry crunchy and attract a ton of dirt to it to make it dirty again quick! This is why we say no residues! Nuff said!!