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Sit back, relax, and let some of our carpet cleaning videos take you on a journey through professional quality carpet care.  From scam artist pricing in the carpet cleaning industry to a before and after pics slideshow of our quality process involving services such as Residue Free cleaning, fast dry methods in getting your carpet dry to the touch before we leave, and the famous Truck Mounted Sanitizing Steam using 100% GREEN cleaners.  Check it out!

Zero Sticky Res Fast Drying Carpet Cleaning

Picture Below Of Kitchen Entry Way Before Cleaning (From Video Above) – As you can see, there were a few spots on the carpet mostly from food spillages.  We applied our green pre-conditioner to loosen up the composition of the spillage spots, as well as the uniform dirt and grease in preparation for the extraction phase.  Our normal cleaning process is usually more involved than what has been depicted in the video.  We did it this way for video creation purposes only and also not to showcase all of our most guarded methods.

Kitchen Entry Way Before

Picture Below Of Kitchen Entry Way After Cleaning (From Video Above) – We thoroughly flushed and rinsed the carpet of all the dirt, grease, and cleaning agent we used, so not to leave any soapy residues behind as we sanitized the carpet to the tune of between 240-270 degrees of steam.  We then went back and applied what we call our “secret weapon” to the stubborn spot remnants that weren’t removed by the pre-treatment and proceeded to steam them right out!  Many times, our special cleaner or “secret weapon” does the job well enough for us not to have to use our power scrubbing machine.  We only like to use it as a last resort as power scrubbing has the potential to damage carpet fibers.

Kitchen Entry Way After

 Accelerated Speed Drying Service

Non Soapy Residue Best Quick Dry Green Steam Cleaner

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