Dry Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Dry Carpet Cleaning San Diego.

Dry Carpet Cleaning San DiegoPerforming fast dry carpet cleaning San Diego is an art form.  Seems like getting carpet dry quickly is not something all companies in our industry can do though.  Many proclaim to dry carpet fast, yet not every cleaner has the know-how to get it dry by the time the job is done.  As a result one of many things that taint’s the floor care industry is over promising, and under delivering.  It happens all the time!  One must have a certain level of knowledge and experience in order to make it happen the right way.

Having proper equipment also helps matters. This is why consumers who hire sub par services end up dealing with headaches in the end.  Maybe soaking wet carpet, the stench of mildew, and possible drywall damage should be considerable factors to keep in mind.  Who wants to wait around for 4 or 5 days for their carpet to finish drying?  Furthermore, you may have moved your nice furnishings outside in preparation for cleaning.  Can’t just leave them outside to incur weather damage!

Getting carpet dry to the touch before finishing is the art form emphasized here.  Believe it or not there are dry carpet cleaning services that can do the job right.  These will be owner operated or locally owned and operated companies that excel the most in this arena.  What gives them the edge, you ask?  Special equipment that was specifically designed for fast drying!  Giving them a further advantage is the knowledge and skill that comes from first hand experience when using a truck mounted hot water extraction method of cleaning.

Carpet Spots That Resurface.

Now, what happens next is probably what irks most people.  When dirty spots start to come back or resurface after a professional steam clean, this can make blood pressure climb!  Ugh, right?  Yep, frustration and disappointment are the key factors in this result.  Well, the cleaning result looked fine when they were done, you say.  You then ask yourself, so why did the spots come back?

There are multiple layers to carpeting involved.  Over-applying and losing control of moisture is why.  Water makes contact with underlying dirt in the carpet backing and padding when overused.  The pre-conditioning phase can be a catalyst for the disaster, as well as the steam extraction phase.  Both involve a level of moisture to be used.  Over the course of the next couple of weeks or so, as it is drying, is when the spots decide they’re going to begin resurfacing.  Wicking is what it is called.

Where the magic truly happens is in the fast drying technique.  The quicker a carpet is dried, the better the chance dirt has at not wicking or reappearing.  Moisture is heavy and has a tendency to travel.  In the case of carpet cleaning, moisture travels downwards.  Gravity has a little bit to do with it I would say.  Hence, aiding the moisture’s evaporation process is key here.

Quick Dry Cleaning Services.

Not very many carpet cleaners who claim “fast dry” can actually deliver on that.  Being such an easy thing to do, the problem lies within their ethics and their un-willingness to go the extra mile.  Lack of experience and skill for that matter also plays a role.  Outcomes like these are really a shame, because it gives our industry a bad name.

But, the flip side to this coin is that consumers have a hand in this outcome.  When bargain hunters elect to hire companies based on the cheap advertised price, this also ads to the reputation and keeps it alive.  Cheap carpet cleaners have a quota to meet.  Because the initial price was set so low, the opportunity to make commissions based upon up-selling extra services has been given as a result.  For carpet cleaners at our level this becomes a dreaded problem, due to having to fix their messes more often than not.

Quality minded consumers simply want a service that is not going to leave them disappointed in any way.  Not by way of faulty workmanship, or by way of over-priced service that leads to potential mistrust.  And, that’s why offering quality service coupled with affordable prices is a no-brainer for Precision.  Finally, a quality service you can truly trust.  For fast dry carpet cleaning service in San Diego that doesn’t leave you soaked, call or text 619.392.8012





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