-Quality All Inclusive Prices!-


Has this happened to you before?

You did the “$79 for 5 rooms” scam only to get bullied and pressured to pay more.  Not only did you haggle and lose your hard earned money, you experienced incomplete and sub-par results only to feel frustrated and violated by that.  And, now you’re on a mission to find a more qualified carpet cleaner.

You’ve seen that my pricing is visibly higher than the attractive “too good to be true” pricing example given above, and that’s got you worried.  You’re worried that you are going to have to pay a much higher price with me initially, and that the price will go higher than you’ve ever paid once I get inside your home.  You’re thinking, “geez, I can’t afford to pay $150, 2 or even $300 and then pay another $150, 2 or $300 on top of that for stuff that wasn’t described to me before hand!”

Let me put your mind at ease – as the owner and operator who will be cleaning your flooring spaces and furniture personally, I won’t disrespect you like that!

My prices aren’t “introductory prices” that ultimately lead to ridiculously higher “final” prices.  I don’t operate like that!  The pricing you see here or have negotiated with me over the phone or in person is what I normally stick with – based on maximum area sizes of 150 square feet each on the residential end.  Any additional service necessary above that is always negotiated between me and my customers/clients and will not be carried out until you give me the go ahead.  Good old fashioned 1 on 1 customer service is how me and my clientele like it!  -Always a cleaner, healthier, quality result!-

Not only that, but I’ve built a reputation of TRUST since the inception of my business in 2006.  Go ahead take a look!  My reviews here and here will show that!


A locally owned & operated company, my pricing revolves around service that is worth every penny!


2 areas + Hall – was $179 now only $129 Full Service

3 areas + Hall – was $219 now only $179 Full Service – Without My Signature Accelerated Dry = $149

4 areas + Hall – was $289 now only $249 Full Service – Without My Signature Accelerated Dry = $209

5 areas + Hall – was $329 now only $295 Full Service – Without My Signature Accelerated Dry = $259

6 areas + Hall – was $389 now only $349 Full Service – Without My Signature Accelerated Dry = $309

(Maximum area sizes for prices quoted above are 150 square feet each – 15 x 10)

Staircases (landings included) = $45 to $60 (Depending on how many steps on staircase)

Large Walk-in Closets = $35  (Regular Closets FREE)

What does full service include?

>>GREEN traffic lane pre-conditioning & spot treatment, ZERO-RESIDUE hot SANITIZING 240 degree “truck mounted” STEAM process that thoroughly flushes and rinses all dirt and grease, my signature ACCELERATED DRYING service, and a lifetime guarantee on previously existing spots is always included in my full service pricing – always leaves a much cleaner, healthier, quality result!<<

Prices on more areas or a smaller job? Call for a free quote!

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I also offer:

Upholstery Cleaning – For Sofa Sectionals or Sofa/Loveseat combos, pricing depends on things like loose/attached cushions, additional furniture pieces such as ottomans and chaise lounges, etc.

Area Rugs (Synthetic & Wool Only) – Pricing based on size, very similar to carpeted areas.

Tile/Grout Cleaning – Pricing based on sq/ft.  Minimum of 400 sq/ft required if no carpet is being cleaned.

Flood Response – I also offer minor flood services for things such as toilets (clean water) and bath tubs over-flowing, etc.  I don’t offer water damage restoration or mold remediation services.

What I Don’t Do

*I do not bait and switch pricing on my customers or clients.  The price I quote over the phone is normally what I stick with, not unless area sizes turn out to be a little bigger than what my customers had described to me.  Even then, pricing usually doesn’t go up substantially, plus I will let my customers know first and make sure they agree to the change in price before proceeding.  I only move forward once they give me the ok.  My customers receive an estimate in writing once we arrive that we both consent to.  I’m interested in making my new customers clients and not just a one time experience.

Moving Of Certain Furnishings – I don’t move liability prone furniture items such as electronics & wiring, antiques, and previously broken and damaged items unknown to me, but known about by you.  I will however, help you move upholstery pieces or simply slide them around to clean underneath.

Filtration Lines – Over time, those unsightly dark gray or black lines can build up along walls & baseboards, edges of staircases, around vents, under doors and door drapes/blinds, and anything stationary that doesn’t get moved often like an office cabinet, etc..  This is due to dust and other airborne pollutants that accumulate as they find the tiny spaces in your homes structure that air flow can push them through.  Some filtration lines can be lightened substantially using a special formula I normally utilize on most carpet as I go.