Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning In The Quality Sense.

Professional carpet cleaning is a procedure that involves a few different methods and techniques that reside within the quality realm.  There are many carpet cleaning companies that label themselves as professional.  While their equipment and company outlook may take on the appearance of being professional, many times they don’t amount to being professional.  There is a lot that goes into cleaning a carpeted surface the right way.  It’s done this way so that it isn’t left soaking wet and smelling like musk and mildew afterwards.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

When vapor steam cleaning or truckmount hot water extraction (HWE) is performed within the residential setting, it should result in a carpet not being left overly wet.  Taking it 4 or sometimes up to 5 days to dry out completely is not desirable.  A carpet must be pre-treated correctly.  The right amount of soap application so not to contribute to over-wetting must be used.  Even though steam vapor isn’t really used in the HWE process, the professional carpet cleaning truckmount equipment must be powerful.  It must be strong enough to extract the water a cleaning technician apply’s during their process of cleaning.  Many so called “professional carpet cleaning” companies will give residential customers a quick and dirty.  It’s also known as a splash and dash.  When not taking the time to incorporate quality procedures, this is what gives the carpet cleaning industry a bad reputation.

Another technique used by professional carpet cleaning companies is known as Zero Residues or non sticky residue cleaning.  The meaning of this process is no soapy residues are left behind on carpet after cleaning to attract dust and dirt.  When soap residue is left over on carpet, it tends to get dirty quick again.  It takes on an appearance of grayish shadowy or dingy.  Cleaning with a truly residue free process makes for no harmful soap chemicals left behind.  It won’t threaten the health of you and your family this way.  It makes for a healthy indoor air quality.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The cleaning method employed on carpeting in a commercial setting differs slightly from that of the one used on the residential end.  No moisture or a very low moisture (VLM) technique is normally involved.  It is designed to clean a commercial grade carpet in office settings using the least amount of water possible.  And, there is a very good reason for this too!  A professional carpet cleaning company knows that if you over wet a commercial olefin carpet, it can result in de-lamination over time.  This is when the glue used to glue down the thin carpet, usually without padding begins to bubble up.  This is no good because now you have very unsightly effects that make for a very unprofessional outlook in an office setting.

What Makes A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company ?

Precision Carpet Cleaning VanUniformed employees, company logos, and advertising on work vehicles add the look of quality to a carpet cleaning company.  Intelligent rapport and clean smelling approach also promote a look of professionalism.  When using steam cleaning or super heated water, this has the ability to sanitize carpet.  From things such as fleas, lice, and dust mites all the way down to things like viruses and other forms of infection producing bacteria.  When combining a water softener and/or a soap neutralizer into the mix, it makes for a highly desirable outcome.  From spillages to pet and human mishaps.  Soft carpet, thoroughly flushed and rinsed of soap cleaners used in the cleaning process.  Just about everything else that was in it to begin with.  Imagine a carpet so thoroughly cleaned you wouldn’t have to worry about absorbing any filth through your pores while walking around on it barefoot!