Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet stain removal revolves around removing stains that are comprised of dye’s or inks or even dirt & grease that unknowingly has staining properties such as grease from food on a polyester carpet. Many times grease adheres to a carpet made of plastic and becomes difficult to remove, making for more pronounced spots and traffic lanes for example.

People who try and remove stains on their own using store bought over the counter products many times end up setting the stain permanently. But, it’s not their fault though.  They just didn’t know anything about the ingredients in the formulas of those particular cleaning supplies such as optical brighteners.  The only way those can be removed after that would be to either dye the carpet in that area or to just cut out that patch of carpet and replace it. And, many times even then the carpet doesn’t match 100% due to the new patch being newer or unused and the older carpet surrounding it being worn & torn and weathered, mostly from the sun.

Urine On Carpet

Put Urine SpotsUrine In Wood Sub-FlooringPet Urine In Concrete

Then there are the all too well known pet urine spots. If they’ve been given the chance to turn yellow or gold, this means that the urine in that spot wasn’t removed and cleaned up quick enough and was given the opportunity to oxidize the carpet due to the high Ph level in the urine. Unfortunately, all too often the urine escapes because it wasn’t found quick enough and seeps down beyond the backing and into the padding. It even usually goes a step further and makes contact with wood sub-flooring and the concrete foundation. Then that’s when you have a horrible malodor situation on your hands from the crystallization of that urine that may be difficult to remove from the wood!

There are many types of spots that are usually mistaken for stains. Most spots can be cleaned and removed easily with the right cleaning products and processes because they are mostly being caused by residues from the sugars that were in the drink spillage for example. Spill goes down, gets into the padding, liquid has to dry so no choice but to evaporate as it wicks or pulls itself up through the carpet, bringing underlying dirt up with it as well. Dust and dirt then becomes attracted to that spot because of the residues from the sugars.  Could have been the soda that spilled or the chocolate milk or the juice.

Carpet Stain Removal – Types Of Stains

Stains however, are more on the permanent side. They are usually from things like nail polish, hair dye, printer ink, crayon, marker, and the dyes from food coloring in foods and drinks such as kool aid and some pet foods when they vomit.  Luckily, there are methods for some of these types of stains to be removed, or have a better shot a being removed without having to cut out and replace the carpet in that area.