Cheap Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Cheap Carpet Cleaning And The Results It Makes For.

Cheap Carpet Cleaning

The problem with cheap carpet cleaning companies is that they lure consumers to their services using low prices that eventually become bigger under pressurized circumstances, usually on a one-on-one basis inside their homes.  That seems to be a real pet peeve for people looking to utilize carpet cleaning services.  If you take a good look at the example coupon above, you’ll see the architecture of an up-sell in the making before you even make the call to have them come out, by the way they have separated the certain services they should be offering as one.

And in regards to the steam services those cheap carpet cleaning companies claim to offer, they don’t really incorporate water hot enough to do the job of killing bacteria and viruses.  Those nasty critters that might be living in your carpet such as fleas, lice, and dust mites don’t get killed either.  How can they when time and fast money matter over quality results?  More so, how can they when cheap carpet cleaning prices are so ridiculously low?  So low that they tend to leave a bad taste in consumers mouths?  When they start upselling customers inside their own homes, putting the pressure on that’s not cool.

Dust mites for example, are all over the place especially in a place like San Diego County Ca.  They thrive on your carpet fibers & upholstery fabric.  Not only is there dust in your carpet but a combination of other things like fleas from your pets, dead skin & hair, lice, pet dander and a variety of other common household allergens that create a feeding frenzy for these mites!  Not to mention a vast assortment of bacteria and other pathogens that can spread through your home like wildfire by way of simple human contact & movement.

It’s safe to say that most people spend a lot of time inside their homes with their families.  Why not sanitize your favorite living space?  Go with a professional, fast drying, high quality, sanitizing steam cleaning for your carpet & upholstery!  A service that leaves no filmy residue behind.  Your freshly cleaned carpet in your home and/or business office will make you feel healthier and will smell cleaner and fresher!  But, you have to hire a competent carpet cleaner who can perform.  It will take paying a higher price than $14.95, like in the example given above in the picture.  Otherwise… disappointing results from a cheap carpet cleaning San Diego service.

State Of The Art Steam Vapor Cleaning Or Truckmount Hot Water Extraction

You need our high powered truckmount machine to get the job done right!  Cheap companies use them, but many do not employ additional equipment for heating up the water hot.  Our machine delivers powerful “Sanitizing Steam” (240 Degrees Fahrenheit & above) along with our amazingly safe and effective non-toxic cleaning solution that emulsifies dirt & grease right before your eyes!  Our powerful cleaning solution is just an added benefit to our cleaning process, though it really does go hand-in-hand with the sanitizing steam that our machine delivers!  Our sanitizing steam kills the heck out of dust mites and fleas!  We then extract them and all of the dirt and grime from your carpet, using high pressure vacuum technology that leaves your carpet & upholstery feeling so fresh, residue free, & smelling so clean!

The Damaging Effects Dirt Can Cause When Cheap Carpet Cleaning Is Involved!

Carpet actually has the tendency to hide dirt, and if you clean it only after you let it get really dirty, the damage is already done.  Dirt can play an exponential role in wearing down your carpet by burrowing into the fibers, and shredding away at them with each pass.  We recommend that you vacuum regularly, about once a week, to help extend the life of your carpet.  If you or your children have allergies and pets are a part of your family, cleaning your carpet twice a week and deep cleaning at least 4 times annually is recommended. The more regularly you clean your carpets, the less dirt and pet dander will be ground into the base of the carpet and the longer it will last.

You don’t want to invest in one of those “weak sauce” rental machines!  You can rent one at your local grocery store, but cheap carpet cleaning disappoints every single time!  All they do is break your back while soaking your carpet with cold water and they don’t even have the power to extract the dirt, grime, and super concentrated cleaning solution you applied in the first place – making for the creation of a “toxic soup” of sorts that ends up drying back onto your carpet.  GRIMEY!!  It’s the steam & extraction that really does the trick!