Steam Cleaner Rental

Steam Cleaner Rental vs. Truckmount Hot Water Extraction?

Have you ever did the steam cleaner rental thing excited not only by the prospect of saving money but the pride and enthusiasm of doing it yourself?  You went down to the grocery store and rented one or you might have went over to The Home Depot and picked one up.  You bring it back home and proceed to get to it, cleaning your carpet.  You start to notice that you’re going through water and soap like crazy wondering where it’s all going as it seems like you aren’t recovering as much as your applying.  You notice that it’s taking longer than you thought and your carpet seems to be so wet, giving you the impression that it’s going to take forever to dry at that rate.  After a while you are like, “dang!, this is a lot of work!”  Soon, your back starts to hurt not realizing that it was more labor intensive than you thought and now you have successfully thrown your back out!  You didn’t want that, but it is the price to be paid for going at it alone.  

Your carpet is soaking wet and then after a few days, you begin to realize where the soap you were applying was going as your carpet takes on a sticky residue feel to it.  Your situation is worse now than before you started because not only are you dealing with the aforementioned, but there seems to be a strange musky stench emanating from your carpet that wasn’t there before.  You don’t like it but you are going to have to learn to live with it because you don’t have any money to spend on getting it cleaned professionally the right way.  After some weeks go by, brownish spots start to mysteriously appear.  You scratch your head and ask yourself, “What is all this?  Why are all these spots starting to appear?”  What happened was you ended up sinking most of the surface dirt deep down into the backing of the carpet, padding, and sub-flooring or concrete slab.  This happens when carpet isn’t vacuumed first and when moisture control is lost.  Your mind starts to reel when you realize that you may end up having to pay more than you initally wanted by having to ge the carpet pulled up in order to properly deodorize.  And, all because you wanted to save a buck?  Why go through all of this pain and anguish when you could just pay a little more for quality first time out to experience carpet cleaning done the right way??

Steam Cleaner Rental Machine

Steam Cleaner Rental Machines

When it comes to steam cleaner rental machines for carpet cleaning, they are weak and cannot recover water used to clean carpets well.  The simply just do not have the power that a truckmount hot water extraction machine has.  I remember when consumers were able to rent what was known as “shampoo machines” or “shampooer’s.”  You could rent them at the grocery store, but all they would do is lather up your carpet with tons of soap and water that could not be recovered.  You just had to wait for it to dry!  Didn’t smell too good a few days later either.

Just think about it for a second; if the soap and water that was being applied on top of all the rest of the filth that was residing in the carpet was not being recovered and removed, can you imagine the filth level in that toxic soup that was being created?  Yuck!  Pet mishap, human mishap, dust, dirt, grease, bacteria, and viruses all mixed into the newly created concoction..  Oh my god the filth.  You should have just let the toilet overflow with sewer onto your carpet… would have been cheaper!!

Steam Cleaning

Don’t get me wrong that’s all there was back in the olden days there.  That excuse doesn’t fly nowadays though.  You have the option to choose a carpet cleaner or company that provides sanitizing truckmount hot water extraction or steam vapor cleaning today.  The question really boils down to whether or not you will know to take the quality route or not and seek out a locally owned, owner operator that can give you the best chance at quality and the best, most satisfying bang for your buck!