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First came in and assessed the work to be done and began diligently moving my furniture from the areas to be cleaned.  Continued on to vacuum the areas completely, followed by prespotting the carpet.  After the allotted time for pre-conditioner to set, Mario commenced deep cleaning the carpet.  He took his time to deep clean the carpet to asure that the carpet was free of all dirt, foreign material, etc.  When he finished the cleaning process, he applied a unique drying solution in which he calls his signature rapid speed dry service.  I was doubtful about that because of my past experiences with other carpet cleaners in which the carpet would be wet for up to 24 hours.  That’s what I liked best about his service, besides how clean my carpet was. Finally, after everything was done he carefully put my furniture back in its original place. His service was very professional and he was clearly proud of his work.  Overall, it went smoothly and efficiently!

-MG from Chula Vista, Ca.-

July 29, 2012


Prompt, courteous and polite!

The work done was SUPERB! They really brought my 14 year old carpet back to life. I’d use them again in a heartbeat. Thank you Precision! On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give you an 11!!

-KJ from San Miguel Ranch, Ca.-

July 22, 2012


I gotta take care of Mario because I was skeptical myself when I discovered he only had one review on Yelp.

I had a carpet cleaning yesterday afternoon, and became very lightheaded from the fumes. We did some research and it turns out the company I hired used petroleum distillates, a chemical known to dissolve lung tissue. With my nine month old daughter getting ready to crawl on that carpet, I had to act fast. I couldn’t bring my infant in my home until the problem was solved. I called Mario because his website toted organic, chemical free cleaning for a fair price. He quelled my fears about making another quick, haphazard decision on a carpet company by describing the method he uses over the phone. He came IMMEDIATELY, and was able to extract the chemicals as well as provide a deep cleaning that went far beyond the one I had that afternoon. I appreciate that he does the work himself instead of sending minions who may or may not represent his preferred quality. Check out my photo of the before and after.. and remember, I had already had my carpets “cleaned” that afternoon!  Read this Precision Carpet Cleaning review directly on

-BB from San Diego, Ca.-

April 10, 2012


Thanks a lot for the great service! You are the best!!!

Mario is very pleasant and efficient. My carpet looks fantastic! His fast drying system is totally awesome because I was not expecting my carpet to be so dry by the time he was done!  I was amazed!  I’ve been through wet carpets a few times before but this… I couldn’t believe!!  He got out stains that I thought would never come out!  And the price, definitely worth the money!  Even though he ran a little late, he was clear that he had a big job right before me and kept me informed about his approx. arrival time and I liked that!  I will recommend him to anyone I know who’s looking to get their carpet cleaned! 🙂

-DC from 4S Ranch, Ca.-

Sept. 12, 2011


The best carpet cleaning I’ve ever had.

And with two cats and a sloppy husband, I’ve had at least 2 per year for the past dozen years. I used to use Stanley Steemer, but the only thing they had going for them was their price. Precision has it all–friendly and professional staff, thorough cleaning, great equipment and chemicals so that my carpet was almost completely dry before they left. He gave me a 1-hour time window (not 4 like all other companies I’ve used), and was on time, friendly, and gave me a choice of which chemicals to use since I have two cats. No other company ever gave me a choice or explained the differences. Everything was included and he did my entire house 5 rooms (1 on the third floor), hallway, and stairs in under 3 hours (very thorough, but not slacking or taking breaks) for under $249–may be more or less for you depending on stuff, but that was the quote he gave me before he came out and he kept to the quote. I’ve never had anyone do such a great job. If you have pet hair, pet stains, etc., he WILL get them out. He even uses a “secret ingredient” on stubborn areas and I saw him pull up stuff that the other cleaners told me would never come out. I like small businesses, they usually have great customer service because they want your business, but also because they take more pride in their products and services. This is my new permanent carpet cleaner, why would I want to go back to 3-4 day drying times, sloppy service, and stains, when I can have Precision work done with drying times within 3-4 hours (or less in half the areas), great service, and perfect, pristine white carpets–until my husband eats his first meal and my cats puke, but hey, that’s life. Yes, my reviews are long but I’m a writer and that’s what writers do–write, and obsess over a clean house.

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-LS from San Diego, Ca.

July 2, 2009


Friendly, professional, thorough, and amazing results.

My new permanent carpet cleaning company is Precision Carpet Cleaning. I have used other cleaners like Stanley Steemer and have never had service or quality this good. From the moment I called in and got a reasonable quote and a one-hour time window, to the professional and friendly walk-through after the job was done, I felt like I was being treated as a valued customer and not just another “job.” Mario and his assistant went above and beyond by getting areas no other carpet cleaner had ever done before and using equipment that was efficient and powerful. He also gave me a choice of chemicals since I have cats–I’ve never been offered a choice before and was impressed. Mario didn’t mind answering any questions I had about carpet care and I could tell he likes his job and takes pride in his work. He gave me a fair price for my 5 rooms, hallway, and stairs, and it took just under three hours. Now, my white carpet that used to have pet stains and coffee stains is just a beautiful white carpet! I am recommending him to all my friends and family.

-HG from Mira Mesa, Ca-

March 22, 2009


Truly the best carpet cleaning in San Diego!

With a dog and two young children our carpet has seen better days. We decided to have the carpet cleaned and found Precision Carpet Cleaning. First of all the scheduling of the appointment was very easy and they were very knowledgeable and informative. The cleaning took about 3 hours and most of the carpet was almost dry by the time they were finished. One of the reasons why I went with them was because of their fast dry service and it was totally worth it believe me!  I’ve never experienced this level of service before in a carpet cleaner. I plan to have them clean for me about twice a year from now on. Thanks so much!!

-JM from Sorrento Valley, Ca-

November 6, 2008



As a landloard I’m always looking for affordable quality work. Precision is one of those companies I will go back to. The staff worked with my tight schedule and were very professional and affordable.

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-CG from Golden Hill, Ca.-

October 22, 2008


Mario, the business owner, is a great guy who does a great job. The last time I had my carpet cleaned, the carpet felt slimy and the smell of carpet cleaner was very overwhelming. When Mario left, my carpet was almost completely dry and no slimy residue left behind. I highly recommend his work.  Read this Precision Carpet Cleaning review directly on

-ZZ from Arlignton, Va.-

October 8, 2008


Excellent San Diego Carpet Cleaning!

WOW! I just had my carpets cleaned at my house in San Diego using Precision carpet cleaning, I opted for the green cleaning service and it looks great! I am super happy. Very professional and arrived on time. Carpet dried very fast! I am impressed! Thank you!!

-KC from Rancho Santa Fe, Ca.-

August 23, 2008


Last week I moved to a new house and the carpets were extremely dirty and smelled really bad!

I called Precision Carpet Cleaning and I was amazed with their work. After they were done cleaning, the house smelled so good and the carpets were so clean.  All of a sudden I discovered the real color of the carpets, they looked so bright!  They knew exactly what they were doing.  Real pros!!!  I would recommend them to everyone!!! Thanks so much!!

-CW from Tierrasanta, Ca.-

August 04, 2008


I just wanted to go beyond the thanks that we gave him for a fantastic job well done!

We have had our share of carpet cleaning companies in the past but never found one that did what they said they would do. Mario came out on a Saturday, he was very polite and sincere. I feel bad that one of our rooms was really dirty & he had to work harder but he got all the stains out! My son was very impressed by his clean and very sharp van & all of his neat equipment. My husband was very impressed with his huge fans he used to dry our carpets with, no one has ever done this before, what a great & wonderful idea. Anyway, we are so happy with him & his work that I wanted to share. Thanks again Mario from Precision Carpet Cleaning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-M from Scripps Ranch, Ca.-

January 6, 2008


My tired old carpet looks and feels great!

I have had other cleanings in the past and never saw this kind of results. Mario has commercial grade equipment, timely, professional and great customer service. I’ll honestly recommend him to friends old and new. Thanks Mario.  Read this Precision Carpet Cleaning review directly on

-WJ from North Park, Ca.-

December 23, 2007


Family Reunion Disaster!!!

We recently had a family thanksgiving holiday reunion…Our white carpet turned out to be a nightmare.  My husband and I actually discussed replacing the carpeting on the lower floor.  We hired Precision and crossed our fingers!  Hours later the carpets were virtually brand new looking and already DRY!!!  Will do business again.

-KR from Rancho San Diego, Ca.-

November 29, 2007


I’d like to share a great experience…

Precision carpet care was a great experience.  Excellent professional service.  They came out on a Sunday and didn’t even charge me extra,unlike many carpet cleaning companies!  The estimate I received over the phone was the price I paid.  “On-time”, professional and on budget. Thanks

-AT from Serra Mesa, Ca.-

September 30, 2007


We are so happy with Precision Carpet Cleaning…

Our water heater broke &saturated our place with rusty water. Family arrived this morning from VA. We called several but no one would come out at 7pm last night except Mario. We were so thrilled that our carpets were clean and dry and that we could go to sleep knowing that our family event would happen in the morning even after such a tramatic event. Never have we been treated so nicely. He went out of his way to get things dry for us. I highly recommend Mario.

-AM from Lemon Grove, Ca.-

April 25, 2007


Superior service experience, exceptional work, very courteous, and priced right!

I recommend Precision to anyone that is looking for the best quality and pricing out there. You will get a qoute on the phone and that is the price you will pay.

-JS from La Mesa, Ca.-

March 9, 2007


After calling two competitors and not getting a straight answer, Precision Carpet came in at the right price, super work and personal guarantee!

This is the best carpet care that I have used.  Price, quality and friendly service are all an A+.  Mario did a great job and even went a step above by giving me a guarantee that no one else even mentioned.  He said that if the carpet is not to your liking I will come back and make it right at no charge!!!  Now, that is a win-win guarantee.  Of course, the carpet looked super when he got done.  Next time I need the carpet cleaned I will call Precision Carpet for sure.  I had called two other carpet cleaners only to have them give me a ridiculous price and a bunch of lip service about why the price was so high.  Mario, gave a valid estimate without any hassle and all over the phone.  Got done.  Next time I need the carpet cleaned I will call Precision for sure.

-RI from San Ysridro, Ca.-

February 22, 2007


Best of the best – use to use Stanley Steamer – now Precision will be my future carpet care vendor.

Great service – very friendly – the carpet turned out great – better than it has been in quite awhile. We get our carpets cleaned every 6 months with Stanley Steamer and their final product was just not great – now with Precision the service is friendly and the carpet looks great. Thank you…

-RN from Chula Vista, Ca.-

February 14, 2007


My Satisfied Wife writes…..

Carpets cleaned before Thanksgiving and still remain far superior to previous service received from other competitors. Employee was prompt and his professionalism was excpetional……Strongly recommend Precision Carpet Care for affordable carpet and upholstery magic!!!

-DJ from Coronado, Ca.-

December 28, 2006


The best decision I ever made!

Was on time, professional, courteous, went over and above expectations, carpet was exceptional. Hope to do business again and will recommend to everyone.

-LD from La Mesa, Ca.-

July 19, 2006