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San Diego carpet cleaners have really come a long way from the days of bait and switch pricing.  Remember when carpet cleaners used to show up to your home with floor buffers after advertising “truck mount steam” in their ads?  Nowadays, carpet cleaners actually have truckmounted equipment they can really provide true steam cleaning with, along with other state-of-the-art equipment that provides us with the capability of getting carpets dry much faster and leaving them a whole lot cleaner and rinsed better, not leaving any residues from soaps behind on your carpet to attract dirt to it like if it were a magnet!
Zero-residue San Diego carpet cleaners have become a main staple in the carpet cleaning industry, and which also has become highly sought after by consumers as the number one choice for their carpet cleaning needs.  When you couple that with the ability to dry carpet fast while using a hot wet extraction technique known as truckmount or truck mounted steam, it’s a no brainer as to why you would want to go with that for quality results!  Carpets just stay cleaner longer and provide that fresh smelling and softness of clean making for carpet that doesn’t have to be cleaned as often, roughly once every six months to a year. That’s normally what most carpet cleaners recommend.

Prices For San Diego Carpet Cleaners Services

Although the carpet cleaners that have been successful with the quality of the services they provide, there is still that element of unethical pricing practices that exist in our industry among us unfortunately. There are still carpet cleaners or companies that feel they need to advertise a low price first in an attempt at getting your business, but they know very well they won’t be able to provide consumers with the quality services they seek at “too good to be true” prices.
Maybe it’s low self-esteem? Maybe they think that if they advertise truthfully on their pricing, that it may not appeal to you as the consumer because the price looks too high and that they might not get your call, so they think you need to be lied to in order for them to progressively get that price changed on you. At the end of the day as quality San Diego carpet cleaners, we are constantly working to change the way carpet cleaner services handle their pricing tactics.  This is an effort so that consumers know what to look for and what kind of pricing practices to base their decisions on.