Area Rug Cleaning

Does Precision Truly Specialize In Area Rug Cleaning?

Of course we do area rug cleaning and quality too!  It’s a professional, knowledgeable step-by-step process that a lot of rug cleaners or companies choose not to exercise.  Most of the time it’s due to a lack of honesty and work ethic, but more so just to speed through the job for profit purposes more than anything else…

Our customers who end up turning into clients always ask us this question after experience the results we provide… How do you get the carpet to look and feel so clean and soft and smell so fresh??  The answer to that is, we do not leave any residues from soap to dwell on your flooring after we are finished. 

Completely extracting, flushing, and rinsing the surfaces we clean for you leaving zero soapy residue to turn sticky in a couple days is what we do best.  Our knowledge and cleaning equipment behind that doesn’t allow it!

Area Rug Cleaning

Let’s delve a little deeper into that, shall we? When zero residue techniques for cleaning are not incorporated, what gets left behind are soapy residues and they will dry crunchy and make your carpet sticky too. Sometimes carpet cleaners don’t pre-condition the carpets they are supposed to be cleaning.  This goes for area rugs as well.  A lot of times, what they do instead is combine the soap with the same water they are supposed to be flushing & rinsing with and that makes for a ton of soap residue left on your carpet to dry sticky and crunchy.

What We Provide With Our Area Rug Cleaning

We use a pre-treatment which is our green cleaning solution that emulsifies dirt and grease on contact and prepares it to be cleaned right off with our powerful steam extraction process.  It’s great!  Our area rug cleaning makes for zero residues and our customers and clients like that!!

You wouldn’t wash your hair that way, or your clothes or dishes for that matter would you?  No.  Why?  Because, the residue from the soap that wasn’t rinsed out will make things sticky.  That’s a no-brainer.

Most of the time, a big multi-truck operation sets a quota to meet for their employees and that means commissions.  They just want to hammer out as many as possible for that reason, not taking into consideration their work ethic and non-attention to zero res.  So at the end of the day, it’s simply a matter of rushing through it all with a lack of work ethic fueled by profit potential for the big guys.  If ever you experience that from an “owner-operator”, then it’s just a matter of laziness and irresponsibility!

So, that’s what happens when floors are not cleaned the right way, the quality way where zero sticky residue is not left behind to promote stickiness, crunchiness, soapiness, flakiness, and eventual dirtiness!  If only they knew how to clean carpet, area rugs, and overall flooring the right way.

We clean:

Synthetic materials


Shag, low cut pile, berber, etc.

We don’t clean:

Delicate fibers such as Haitian Cotton, Oriental, and Persian rugs

All of our cleaning products are safe for your family and the environment.  Even if we were to use a harsher more chemical based cleaner, it is still going to be completely and thoroughly flushed and rinsed from your carpet, because our knowledge behind what we are doing and our powerful equipment and process won’t allow it.  Nothing is left behind to dry crunchy and attract a ton of dirt to it to make it dirty again quick!  This is why we say no residues!