Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Precision Carpet Care, Inc. specializes in commercial carpet cleaning office space settings.  From doctors to dental offices, high rise buildings, and any other commercial setting.  Our commercial carpet cleaning process is unique, yet thorough.  Depending on the soil level, we may use a 1 step or even a 2 step process on your carpet.  This ensures that we create a clean slate for carpeting, making for future maintenance cleaning easier.  The encapsulation method we employ is the best because it traps and suspends dirt and grease as it forms a dry bond around it, waiting for the next time your janitorial staff vacuums.  As our cleaning solution is solvent based, dry times are quick taking about an hour to dry.  This is great for time constraints when you need a quick cleaning and cannot sacrifice your work staff taking precious time of long term.

Commercial Office Carpet Cleaning

If the soil level is more pronounced, then it may require an additional step.  Non the less, we’ve got you covered and can deliver on a quality result without the obnoxious and overpowering fragrance of a heavy deodorizer.  What we do first is pre-inspect your carpet for things like traffic areas and how badly soiled they are.  Next up, we look for spots and stains.  In a bustling office setting or environment with lots of employees, there are going to be spillages from drinks and food, especially in or around the break room.  This is a normality.  Olefin carpet that is a part of most commercial spaces has a tendency to hold on to grease, so this can make for difficulties in trying to reverse the discolorations it leaves behind.  Vacumming is an essential part of the cleaning process, so we make sure to notate apply that.  If we decide that our 1 step process is only going to be necessary, then this is usually done with our encapsulation technique.  When the day comes we use our state of the art scrub machines to simultaneously apply the cleaning solution while scrubbing and agitating it for the best cleaning result.  This is usually all it takes.  If the soil level is worse it may require our 2 step process.

2 Step Commercial Carpet Cleaning Process

Now, the 2 step process mentioned above consists of a combination truck mounted hot water extraction process, just like we use on the residential end, along with our encapsulation application that is used primarily for commercial carpet cleaning.  This makes for an outstanding result, because the dirt, grease, and grime from food and drink spillages, and the outside environment constantly getting tracked in just gets striped right up and taken away.  When we apply our encapsulation product this gives the carpet an extra level of clean and protection for a longer lasting result.  Our customers are always happy when we do it this way for them, because this means a longer lasting clean.