Tile Grout Cleaning

Tile Grout Cleaning

Looking for tile grout cleaning in San Diego?  Need your travertine, ceramic, and/or porcelain tile grout cleaned at an affordable price?  Precision can make that happen!

Tile Grout Cleaning Tile Scrubbing

Cleaning grout lines on your own can be painstaking, frustrating, and time consuming and most always never gets clean the way you like when cleaning on your own.  If you’ve tried mopping tile and grout, you have probably noticed that it just makes it darker and doesn’t look much cleaner afterwards.  This is because grout is a very porous material that is very absorbent.  Even if you’ve tried scrubbing all the grout lines individually with let’s say bleach, you’ve noticed that even that may not have done you any justice.  You probably also noticed that you busted your body up pretty good being on your hands and knees trying to do it yourself too!

So, if you have grout lines in your kitchen for example, you’ll notice that certain areas are darker than the rest, mainly in front of your stove or range oven or entry ways.  This is because a lot of grease and oils from cooking fall and make contact with these areas or dirt simply gets tracked in from outside and other places, building up to make them look darker.

Why Can’t I do My Own Tile Grout Cleaning Right?

But, the problem isn’t really the dirt or grease that gets tracked in or falls down onto these areas.  It’s just that regular mopping doesn’t extract.  It just kind of pushes the dirt and grease around or re-distributes it and helps the grout absorb more of it.

Grout CleaningThis is why you need to utilize an extraction method that simultaneously extracts and rinses so that you’re not adding to the mess or leaving anything behind, essentially taking it all away.  That’s the ticket!

We utilize a process that scrubs, extracts, and rinses using a combination of professional yet gentile cleaning agents, super hot steam, and powerful vacuum extraction.

We can help with your tile grout cleaning in San Diego!

Services include:

  • Inspection of areas to be cleaned – note special concern
  • Measure total square footage and establish price
  • Pre-treat the tile and grout areas
  • Powerful flush, rinse and vacuum extract
  • Signature Accelerated Dry

Our powerful “truckmounted” system is designed to provide hot steam and extraction for thorough cleaning performance.  Commercial quality air movers are placed strategically for optimal dry time.  Using super hot truckmounted steam and environmentally friendly cleaning agents, rest assured that we can get your floors clean and sanitized!  Once dry, tile and grout will then be ready for sealing and it is easy enough to do on your own.

We clean travertine, ceramic, & porcelain tile.