Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning San Diego.

Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning San DiegoWhen it comes to zero residue carpet cleaning San Diego, it is really basic.  There is not a whole lot involved in the procedure.  Safe, eco friendly, non toxic cleaning agents are applied to your carpet in the beginning to loosen dirt and grease.  From there on out it is just a matter of rinsing carpet thoroughly.  Drying it as fast as possible probably has something to do with it too.  But, this is where many carpet cleaning techs fail, especially in the quality arena.  True quality no residue carpet cleaners are not going to leave soap residue behind.  One of the biggest issues consumers can have when it comes to low quality cleaning results is this.  When technicians over wet the carpet they end up losing control of moisture used in the cleaning process.

Why Do Spots Resurface On Carpet?

For example, too much soap solution can end up being put down during the pre-conditioning phase.  In addition, the execution of proper wanding may not take place during the extraction phase.  So, liquid is not recovered quite well enough due to under powered equipment.  Losing control of moisture allows it to travel.  It goes deep within the multiple layers of carpet, essentially making contact with underlying dirt.  As it evaporates it brings the dirt back up with it.  That is why spots eventually end up resurfacing .  Furthermore, carpet ends up drying sticky and sometimes crunchy.  When carpet does not get flushed and rinsed properly of all the soap this happens.  Residue magnetizes dirt, so left over residues like this create an after effect of dinginess.

In searching for the right carpet cleaner consumers need to look for services that specialize in non-residue.  Various buzzwords associated with this service would be no residue and residue free.  Also, one could create any number of word combinations such as zero soap residue, zero sticky residue, no sticky res, 0 residue, no res, zero res, and things of that nature.  Consumers want to make sure to find a company who is truck mounted.  One that can provide a powerful steam extraction application for your carpet and floors.  Hot water or steam helps substantially in the stripping of soap cleaning agents from carpet fibers and other fabrics and surfaces.  Again, if soap is not removed well its residue will pull dirt to it.  This will surely frustrate you and have you feeling like you need to have it cleaned again.

The Improper Way Of Cleaning.

Many carpet cleaners in our industry use a method of cleaning that bypasses a vital step in quality.  There is a good chance you may have experienced this type of faulty workmanship before.  Even if you have experienced it, most customers are unaware of the method altogether.  And, for good reason.  Not really knowing anything about the actual process has everything to do with it.  The technicians performing this faulty approach run a soap cleaning solution through their system, instead of pre-treating with it.

The fault in this method of cleaning is that the carpet or upholstered surface does not get rinsed with fresh softened water.  The leftover soap residue ends up sticking around because of this.  To reiterate the carpet takes on a dingy dirty appearance, and that makes for deep disdain on the part of consumers.  Technicians in the field of carpet cleaning know this method is wrong, yet they do it anyway.  Believe me, this is not the reputation wanted in our industry.

Doing Zero Residue The Right Way.

What you need to do when searching for a zero residue carpet cleaning San Diego service is to find one that can perform the quality functions correctly and thoroughly.  What are these quality functions, you ask?  The carpet needs to be completely flushed, rinsed, and extracted of all the dirt, grease, and grime, as well as bacteria residing in it.  Most of all, the soap used in cleaning needs to be treated as such.  Fast drying should be in the lineup too.  So that carpet has the least chance at resurfacing unsightly spots from deep down dirt, it must be dried quickly.  In conclusion, various types of flooring and furniture cleaned this way will make for a highly desirable outcome.

So, there you have it!  The quality steps making for a thoroughly cleaned and rinsed carpet free of residues and cleaned the right way.  With all of the public domain at everyone’s marketing disposal nowadays encountering a professional that specializes in the residue free arena may be tough.  Or not!  Just call us and make an appointment for the best carpet cleaning experience of a lifetime, guaranteed!  Most of all, carpets are left looking clean, feeling soft, and smelling fresh.

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2 thoughts on “Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning San Diego”

  1. Very nice. Had zerorez come out a few times but the guys couldn’t explain the sodium hydroxide use and wanted to move away from the topic. The real issue was that they were highly pushy on extra sells. Do you guys do that whole high pressure sell thing? I read you dry the carpet which sounds great, last few times we waited 2 days. How long does it take for you guys to make it dry?

    Thank you

    1. Hello Richard & welcome! Yeah, a lot of consumers seem to be dissatisfied with our competition. After turning many of their customers into our clients, some have mentioned their frustration to us in the results they ended up with after using them. I’m sure their approach will pan out someday, but that’s neither here nor there. Of course, we specialize in fast dry carpet cleaning! 2 days is too long to suffer with drenched carpet. We usually dry most types of carpet and carpeted areas by the time we’re ready to leave. And, no we don’t bait and switch or try to pressure for more service. We give you the option as a suggestion and nothing more. Let us know when you’re ready for a thorough, quality, quick drying, green clean and we’ll make it happen for you… free of residues of course!

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