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Commercial Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Commercial Carpet Cleaning San Diego -Office InteriorPrecision commercial carpet cleaning San Diego helps rejuvenate the look of professional workplaces all throughout the county.  Need a more presentable quality look for your customers & clients?  No problem!  Commercial carpeting has a tendency to hang onto and hide enormous amounts of dirt and odor.  We understand that promoting the look and feel of quality and professionalism for your business is important in making the best impressions on your customers and clients.  Let us provide that service, as well as maintain it for you.  From commercial office spaces and warehouse locations, to churches, hospitals, and a variety of other venues… we do it all!

We start new customer relations off the right way.  Using our powerful truckmount sanitizing steam extraction service, we extract all the dirt, grease, and leftover residue attracting soaps your last carpet cleaner left behind.  It’s then followed up afterwards with an application of our special solution.  Not only does it prevent wick-ups from occurring, it also applies a protective coating.  Carpet stays cleaner longer, and helps it last longer from all the foot traffic wear and tear.

What Is Low Moisture Cleaning?

For professional commercial carpet cleaning San Diego low moisture techniques are the best.  This type of cleaning is great for businesses.  Most of the time this process of cleaning provides a quick 1-2 punch, and has everyone back to work the next day, no problems.  Low moisture cleaning is where a fast evaporating solution is applied to carpet for cleaning.  Most of the “encapsulation products designed for commercial applications are solvent based.  Above all, they are safe and not harmful for your work environment or employees.

The solution is applied to carpet and scrubbed in, in small to moderate amounts.  What it does is breaks down dirt and grease, and traps or “encapsulates” it.  It forms a dry bond of crystallization around it, and holds it in suspension.  The janitorial staff will pick it all up during the next round of vacuuming.  Not to worry, none of the crystallized encap product is ever visible.

Equipment Used In Commercial Carpet Cleaning.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning EquipmentSometimes offices located deep inside their industrial complexes are hard to reach with our truck mounted system alone.  So, we employ cleaning technology that can reach.  Some would classify the machines we normally use in these instances as portable equipment.  They are in a sense, but the ones used the most for this are actually known as scrub machines.  They are also referred to as floor scrubbers, bonnet machines, and rotary floor buffers.

There are also oscillating machines that are similar, yet have a slightly different movement.  Finally, there is one more machine that many in our industry like to use for commercial carpet cleaning applications.  Known as “counter rotating brush” machines or CRB machines for short,they are great for low moisture cleaning that dries really fast.

Truckmount Machines Used For Low Moisture Applications.

Low moisture also pertains to truckmount machines as well.  If the carpet cleaning technician knows what they are doing, they will know how to set things up for low amounts of liquid to be used during extraction.  When hot water extraction, in conjunction with low moisture scrub encapsulation results in awesomeness for commercial carpet cleaning San Diego!   Therefore, adding a level of clean unmatched by any other process.

Precision Quality Points:

  1. Low moisture cleaning method, dries fast within a couple of hours.
  2. No strong overpowering deodorizer’s that linger. We offer deodorizer’s with nice smelling fragrances upon request.
  3. Carpet stays cleaner longer, and benefits from our advanced fiber-guard protection.
  4. Flexible after hours service so not to interfere with your normal work schedule during business hours.
  5. Closed locked door service for security & rodent control.
  6. Clean & dry when you come in.
  7. Quarterly scheduled maintenance service plans available for beautiful looking flooring all year round for less than the cost of just 2 cleans per year.
  • 3 different cleaning services are available in a standalone and/or dual capacity.
  • Pricing from .25 cents per square foot.
  • Affordable maintenance packages available as often as you need.

Looking to add a clean professional look to your commercial workplace?

We are trained & certified in all approved cleaning methods for commercial flooring.  Multiple cleaning methods are available to get any job clean.  Most importantly, we employ state-of-the-art technology in our truckmount equipment, portable units, & rotary encapsulation machines.  Even the largest deepest office complexes are no match!  We quality clean carpet, tile, & upholstery in office spaces.  We also do hospitals, churches, recreation halls, restaurants, hotels, high rise & industrial complex buildings, car dealerships, etc.  Fully insured for peace of mind.

Join our satisfied client’s list today!  Call or text 619.392.8012 now to schedule an appointment or for a free estimate.