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Carpet Cleaning Prices For San Diego

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Current Specials

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What is Flash Steam?  “Flash Steam” is a term I coined for my service.  The term is used in a playfully sarcastic way to depict the high heat temperature my cleaning equipment produces for the purpose of sanitizing.  The machine I use has the ability to heat water up to boiling temperatures, and keep those temperatures consistent for the duration of cleaning.  All the equipment used inside the customer’s home is rated for high temperatures, and is kept up to code.  This means hoses never burst causing unwanted damage.

Precision’s package pricing specials revolve around Full Service Quality.  Green Non Toxic & Eco Friendly, Zero Residue, Fast Dry, & Hot Sanitizing Steam backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!  Call 619.392.8012 and book an appointment now!

*SPECIAL! 30% OFF Staircases (normally charged @ $65 per staircase) Don’t miss the opportunity! (Maximum 18 steps including landing.  Must have a minimum of 2 rooms of carpet in order to redeem deal.)

*SPECIAL! 2 Areas + Hall = $129 FULL SERVICE (Max Area Size Up To 200 Square Feet Each)

*SPECIAL! 3 Areas + Hall = $169 FULL SERVICE (Max Area Size Up To 200 Square Feet Each)

Have a bigger job?  Call or text for a quote!  619.392.8012

What Is Full Service?

Full service is deep hot sanitizing “truckmounted” steam to kill bacteria + pre-conditioner for dirt/grease spots and traffic lanes (a nice smelling deodorizer is built into some of the preconditioners we use, some don’t have any for customers that choose them.)  You also get accelerated drying for fast dry time (usually dries up to 85-95% by the time we’re done!)  Carpet wont be sticky or dingy afterwards, and it definitely wont be soaking wet!  We do not use under powered portable machines, only powerful truckmount extraction!  ♻100% green and eco friendly products safe for family & pets!  (Pricing is for area sizes up to 175 Square Feet Maximum)

~We clean ANY & all carpeted spaces such as living / dining rooms, family rooms, walk-in closets, stairs, dens, loft areas, carpeted baths, and standard area rugs.


Upholstery Cleaning


  • Sofa SectionalBase Price Starts at $150
  • Individual Sofa Pieces – Start Around $60 (3 Seater, 2 Seater / Love Seat, Chaise Lounge, Ottoman, Cushions, Pillows)

*Cost depends on things like whether the cushions are loose or attached, additional furniture pieces such as ottomans, chaise lounges, recliners, additional throw pillows, etc.


Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile/Grout Cleaning$.57 per sq/ft.  Minimum of 400 sq/ft required if no carpet or furniture is being cleaned.  We can make you a deal for your tile cleaning if you are having carpet cleaned.


Stain Removal Services

We handle stain removal on a case by case basis.  Stains from urine, wine, bleach, food coloring in popular drinks, inks, dyes, rust, and filtration lines.

*Cost depends on size and type.  Stain removal services do not guarantee that the stains will be removed or reversed.  We will let you know in person.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  • 3 different cleaning services are available in a standalone and/or dual capacity.
  • Pricing starting at .25 cents per square foot.
  • Affordable maintenance packages available as often as you need.
  1. Low moisture cleaning method, dries fast within a couple of hours.
  2. No strong overpowering deodorizer’s that linger. We offer deodorizer’s with nice smelling fragrances upon request.
  3. Carpet stays cleaner longer, and benefits from our advanced fiber-guard protection.
  4. Flexible after hours service so not to interfere with your normal work schedule during business hours.
  5. Closed locked door service for security & rodent control.
  6. Clean & dry when you come in.
  7. Quarterly scheduled maintenance service plans available for beautiful looking flooring all year round for less than the cost of just 2 cleans per year.

Call 619.392.8012 to schedule an appointment.