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Want Quality Results?  Call Me!  Want Frustrating & Disappointing Results?  Don’t Call Me!


My Green thorough flush & rinse process leaves no harmful residues behind to attract dirt like a magnet, and dries fast!  Dirt & grease spots don’t get the chance to resurface!  This means you won’t have to have us out again for at least 6 months to a year!  I use nothing but the best, most advanced state-of-the-art equipment and cleaners available!  Not to mention qualified reputable knowledge and experience in my industry!  Fully Insured & Certified!!


  • Were you victimized by a bait & switch scam company that resulted in painful disappointment & hard earned money lost?
  • Did your carpet quickly become dingy looking again in a matter of 1-3 days after cleaning?
  • Did the “professional” service you hired leave your carpet so soaked, that it took a week to dry?
  • Did it make everything smell like mildew?
  • Was it stiff & crunchy when it finally dried?  Or maybe a little sticky perhaps?
  • Did you hire them based on a super low “too good to be true” special they were offering?
  • Did they aggressively try to up the price on you once inside your home?
  • Did they reel you in with the cool buzzwords, but then you found out they couldn’t deliver on any of them? (i.e. fast drying, zero residue, Green Eco friendly, non toxic, specialized water only cleaning, etc.)
  • Let me guess… they completely failed to show up to your scheduled appointment, no call no nothing right?

Maybe you should have hired a locally owned & owner operated company like us instead.

  • Our state-of-the-art service provides deep high powered SANITIZING truckmounted steam extraction/cleaning.  Our powerful machine & experience helps us recover maximum moisture applied.
  • We thoroughly flush and rinse your carpet & flooring of all dirt, grease, & debris.
  • 100% Green, Eco friendly, & non-toxic cleaning agents used.
  • Nothing hazardous in terms of residue will be leftover to harm your family and pets.  This also means no rapid re-soiling.
  • We use a high temperature of softened water. This not only sanitizes carpet, it leaves carpet feeling soft and smelling fresh .
  • Carpet dries very fast with our process, even during colder winter weather.
  • Carpet stays clean for much longer than 1-3 days or a week.  In fact, you won’t need to have us out again for at least 6 months to a year.
  • BEST of all, there’s NO SCAMS, PRICE SWITCHING, or SUB-CONTRACTING!  We won’t attempt to aggressively up-sale you for unnecessary “ad-ons”.
  • We keep & complete our scheduled appointments with our customers/clients.
  • Fully Insured & Certified, owner-operated.

Take the 🔴red pill and experience true satisfying quality results you never thought were real.


You can take the 🔵blue pill again, and stay in the fantasy land of “too good to be true” prices that were made to disappoint.


Carpet Stays Clean For Much Longer Than 1 To 3 Days Or Even A Week With Our Service!  No Scams Or Sub-Contracting100% Locally Owned & Owner Operated!


SPECIAL!  20% OFF + FREE Hall! (3 Room Minimum Service – Max Rm Size 150-200 Sq Ft Each)Hurry Before It’s Gone! (If you have rugs that need to be cleaned we can do those for you too while we’re there.  No Persian or Oriental rugs)


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What’s included?

My “full service” package priced deals include:

  1. Pre-vacuuming.
  2. Light furniture moving.
  3. Non toxic preconditioner to loosen up dirt/grease spots & help with traffic lanes.  2 different preconditioners/cleaning agents offered, a 100% Green Eco Friendly and a Standard.  Our preconditioners are normally enough to take care of general dirt & grease really well.  Stain removal from dyes & inks extra.  Trashed carpets extra. Learn more
  4. Deep powerful sanitizing “truck mounted” steam extraction for maximum dirt, grease, & grime removal.
  5. “Dry Assist” to help speed up drying time on carpet & upholstered surfaces.

>>>Best part about it is carpet stays clean for much longer than 1 to 3 days or even a week unlike with other companies!  In fact, you won’t need to have us out again for at least 6 months to a year!  Fully Insured & Certified.<<<


All ☝️this quality & no scams or upselling?  Really?  What does no scams mean?



-Here’s What My Satisfied Clients Are Saying…

5 Stars“Very professional, on-time and my carpets look amazing! Mario was very conscientious and took his time to do a great job.  He is also very reasonably priced and did not nickel and dime every extras like pet odor removal and area rug cleaning–he is upfront with his pricing. I’m going to have to schedule regular cleanings!! I’m thrilled with how my carpets came out!”      JK,  5/9/20

5 Stars“Mario came to give us a quote for upholstery cleaning for all of our office furniture. I appreciated being able to communicate via text. He was prompt and thorough and green seal certified so we went with his proposal. He showed up for our appointment on time and was so friendly and professional. He got the job done in a timely manner and did not try to up-sale us which I greatly appreciated. We have used other companies before that were all about that up-sale life and I just wanted a quote for the job and have that be the price. It seems like a simple request but the up-sale game is real and I was thankful Mario was not about that life. I highly recommend giving them a try!     Colleen P,  11/25/19

5 StarsSo glad that I decided to go with Precision Green Carpet Cleaning for a deep cleaning of two couches and the carpet in my living room. We have a dog who loves to rub all over our furniture and over time you could see the dirt/stains that the regular vacuum just couldn’t get rid of. With a new baby coming in a few weeks I really wanted a nice deep cleaning done on and PGCC delivered! The stains are gone and the couches smell so much better. Priced wonderfully and very friendly service. I would highly recommend this business and I will be using them again soon.     Angie S,  4/21/20


I have pricing for any size job!  Need 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 rooms cleaned, plus other flooring spaces like stairs, walk-in closets, baths, tile, rugs?  No worries, I got you!  CALL or TXT now and let me know your details! (Max Room Size 150 Sq Ft Each)


Optional Services I Also Offer:

  • Stain Removal Services (Red Dyes, Bleach, Rust, Wine & Other Organics)
  • Pet Odor Control / Urine Treatment
  • Teflon Protective Coating For Carpet
  • Signature Accelerated Drying Services (Perfect during winter time cleaning)

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Need a sofa sectional or some tile & grout cleaned too?

combo sofa tile rug


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