Steam Carpet Cleaning – Sanitizing Truckmounted Service

Steam Carpet CleaningWhen it comes to steam carpet cleaning San Diego, our customers are always amazed by the steam cleaning process we employ.  They always ask us how we get the water so hot.  It’s simple!  The specialized equipment we use boils the water up.  Boiling hot water translates to sanitizing steam responsible for sterilizing bacteria and other pathogens that may be present in carpet.  Just another ingredient in our quality cleaning recipe that allows us to stand apart!

Carpet cleaning companies that don’t use super hot sanitizing steam to clean your carpet with aren’t cleaning carpet to its full potential.  There are a whole host of critters and viruses, along with allergens taking up residency in a carpet.  Consistent overlooking is what happens, because we can’t see them.  We get the sense they might be around only when we start to experience flu like symptoms and allergies.

A reputable steam carpet cleaning company such as Precision San Diego is able to deliver high temperature sanitization.  Excellent temperatures of at least 210 degrees and above are applied consistently via truckmounted equipment.  We also use additional state of the art equipment not mentioned herein.  This means the super hot water transformed into sanitizing steam will definitely blast your carpets clean!

What Does It Mean To Be Truckmounted?

Truckmount Hot Water ExtractionIn the world of carpet cleaners, being “truckmounted” simply means that a cleaning machine is mounted on or inside a vehicle.  In most cases it is usually the vans that get pleasure.  This is the machine used by so many carpet cleaners, and is usually a standalone unit.  It is very powerful and does not require anything more than just a water connection from a client’s residence or business.  Utilizing machines made for simultaneous powerful vacuum extraction, and hot water injection is what sterilizes and cleans carpet so well.  Another major point in high temperature H20 is its ability to speed up the drying process.  When steaming hot water goes down it is already in a state of being in between a liquid and a gas.  Therefore, it is already evaporating away from the carpet fibers due to being in its steam form.

The Ultimate In Steam Cleaning

Experiencing the highest quality cleaning result for carpet & flooring is all in the steam extraction technique.  Stripping up grimy grease and dirt only happens with a truckmounted high heat extraction system.  The steam is what separates it from other techniques in its industry.  Methods like rotary bonnet cleaning or scrub encapsulation have their place, and are great for the respective applications.  Portable machines are great extraction tools for cleaning locations that truck mounted equipment can’t reach.  The downside to portables is that they often times lack the vacuum power.  Plus, providing service using portables takes longer to accomplish, and ultimately takes carpet longer to dry.

Hot water extraction systems are powerful in their own right.  The benefit for consumers is in the complete rinse and flush effect.  It’s also in the sterilizing degree of steam delivered from the machine itself.  This renders greasy dirty soils and bacteria ineffective at damaging caret fibers and your health.  Leftover soap chemical residues from past cleanings are removed without a doubt.  The final result leaves 0 residue behind on carpet.  Most important of all, carpet is dry feeling almost 100 percent when we are ready to leave in many instances.  Carpet that smells fresh, dries really fast, and feels super clean is right at your fingertips!  Finally, get a good night’s rest, with the quality of indoor air improved significantly.

Consumers Still Prefer Carpeting

It’s been crazy in San Diego with all the home upgrades and remodels over the last few years. Consumers changing over to hardwood, laminate, tile, and vinyl flooring has been due to a downed economy.  Saving money with less cleaning has been the prime directive.  Now, area rugs have become more popular in an effort to provide some warmth to all the cold these new flooring alternatives bring.  Carpet may still not be in full swing again just yet, but will be in the near future.

So, the next time you see the terms “truck mount”, “truckmount”, “truckmounted”, or “truck mounted”, the above mentioned are what these terms mean.  When applied correctly, steam carpet cleaning has the ability to restore a quality level of clean to your carpeting.  It also makes for not voiding the manufacturer’s warranty on your carpet.  To schedule a deep, thorough, fast drying, residue free carpet cleaning simply call us at 619.392.8012.  You’ll be glad you did.  Guaranteed!!

Our powerful truckmounted sanitizing steam cleaning technology & processes have been approved by the members of the QCCN.