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Imperial Beach, Ca 91932

Carpet Cleaning Imperial Beach CaImperial Beach 91932 is a cozy little beach town in San Diego California.  It happens to be the most southwesterly beach city in the United States right before you hit Mexico.  In fact, you can’t go any further along the coast before hitting Mexico.  But, this beach town is different.  It’s not your typical beach city filled with college kids and night clubs.  Although, there are some pubs like Ye Olde Plank, this beach city has more of a family oriented atmosphere.
At the beginning of the Silver Strand going north there is a new Navy Seal Training center being constructed.  They’re moving the old operation from NAB, or Naval Amphibious Base Coronado down to this location.  The strand happens to be a good bike ride by the way.  There are people road biking on its bike path, roller skating, and jogging all the time, with the Coronado Cays not too far away.

Places To Eat In IB.

IB has some great places to eat, and even has a nice hotel to stay in for vacation right on the beach.  You can find all kinds of pizza joints here in Imperial Beach.  One in particular that’s pretty good is Giant Pizza King.  Along with most of the standard burger brands and sandwich chains like Subway & Jersey Mike’s, IB has a decent amount to offer.  There’s even some tasty taco shops like El Tapatio, El Cilantro, & Armandos.  Make sure you try out The Brigantine along Seacost Blvd and Fillipis Pizza right around the corner!
The people are great!  I grew up here,  have been here for the better part of my life.  Back in the 80’s there used to be a lot of crime and riff raff, but our great Sherrifs Department has cleaned it up well since.  It’s an all around safe place to live and raise a family.  Baseball & softball is played at Sports Park right across the street from Mar Vista High School.  There’s a library, great parks to hang out in, some supermarkets, & a Walmart to shop at.  There’s even a Home Depot close by.  You can find Jiu-Jitsu here, and there are a couple of gyms.
The Naval Base located at the end of 13th street just before you cross into Nestor 92154 is cool.  They train Navy personnel to fly helos there, mostly the Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawks.  Naval Outlying Landing Field Imperial Beach or NOLF for short.  They have both a Comissary and a small Exchange on base.

What Does The City Of IB Have To Offer?

IB’s beach is a nice place to take a walk and watch stunning sunsets as you look out towards the Coronado Islands.  Weather is great for the most part.  The Tijuana slough is a National Wildlife Refuge.  It’s cool to visit and has trails to walk.  You can fish on the pier, and is also a nice walk, as well as view.  There are surfing competitions from time to time.  Imperial Beach is known for its sand castle building competitions formerly known as “Sand Castle Days”.
I remember as a kid growing up, there would be food and drink stands, live music, and fireworks.  It’s now known as “IB Sun & Sea Festival”.  Last but not least can’t forget about Imperial Beach’s drive-in movie theater, better known as the South Bay Drive-in Theatre.  Used as a swap meet on Wednesdays.  That’s been a unique fixture of this area for some time now.  Only other one like it in the county would be the Santee Drive-in Theatre located in Santee.  Throwback!… 92032 is a retro zip code for IB.  All the old schoolers out there will know what’s up with that!
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