Carpet Cleaning Service in San Diego, CA

Green Carpet Cleaning

San Diego green carpet cleaning is a great alternative for people who are health and eco-conscious.  Residing in the city, however, seems to make it difficult to live a more non toxic lifestyle.  For residents of bigger city areas, toxicity is among us daily.  Smog in the air, chemicals and preservatives in foods, mental stress from road rage, and the rat race in general are prevalent.  Wow, that was stressful just thinking about it!

When was the last time you got back to nature?  Deep in a forest surrounded by trees, lakes, and streams breathing in crisp, clean, fresh air.  So wonderful, so peaceful, and so refreshing.  Nice, right?  Just the mere thought of that is refreshing.  So, why not make your indoor environment like that?  It is possible.  Start by having your carpets cleaned the fresh green natural way.  Not only friendly for the environment, but safe for you and your family too!

Precision San Diego Green Carpet Cleaning makes it possible by using safe, natural, non toxic, eco friendly cleaners that are certified green.  Protecting the environment we live in is essential and so is our health.  It’s our responsibility!  And, being a carpet cleaning company with a great reputation, Precision makes it happen.  Now, families can rely on an alternative chemical free approach for cleaning, without putting their lives or the environment around them in jeopardy.  Precision thinks that is important.


Green Seal Carpet Cleaning Promotes:

  • A healthy cleaning alternative
  • Pollution reduction
  • Improvement of indoor air quality
  • Protection of our planet
  • An overall healthy way of living

Eco Friendly Products - Green, Non Toxic, Chemical FreePrecision San Diego uses a soap free, fragrance free, green, natural, and hypoallergenic cleaning product.  This environmentally safe cleaner is chem free and delivers great results!  When healthy green cleaning was becoming more popular a while back, we didn’t think cleaning solutions in this realm would be able to stand up to the challenge of emulsifying heavier greases well.  Over the years the green seal products have become mind blowing in the sense that they do a great job of cleaning and breaking down dirt.  Being a carpet cleaning service with experience cleaning many different types of carpets and rugs throughout our career, we are able to notate the results they provide in comparison to heavier detergent based products.  However, more powerful surfactant containing detergents are still necessary for certain kinds of carpeted spaces and situations.


Many Necessary Carpet Detergents Use Surfactants.

Some greases are just too heavy for a green alternative and require more strength in cleaning ability.  Most people know that greases and liquids don’t mesh well.  Precisely why surfactants are necessary.  The effect they have is remarkable actually.  Surfactants decrease the surface tension of the liquid they are dissolved in, thus gives them the ability to penetrate deeper within carpet fibers.  They reduce tension between greasy soils and the water being used to clean with.  Thus, allowing them to suspend the grease in water for proper rinsing and flushing in the process.  Heavy detergents used in their respective scenarios are safe if handled properly.    The problem of leaving detergent residues behind is based heavily on improper work ethic via the operator.  Their application being necessary is important to understand, otherwise carpet wouldn’t get cleaned right.

Green seal cleaning agents rinse really well, though.  And, residues leftover are a non factor for the most part.  A perfect option for expectant mothers, newborns, children, pets, and our natural surroundings.   The best part about natural non toxic solutions is that many are being produced odorless or free of deodorizer fragrances.  A lot of people tend to be sensitive to strong scents.  Certain cleaners come standard with deodorizers that are overpowering to some unfortunately.  Good news!  Now they are being manufactured without them for the most part in a hypoallergenic way.  This is really great for people who suffer largely at the hands of allergies.   As it is they are already compromised enough from this sensitivity, and tend not to want anything overpowering.  The public spoke, and the companies listened it seems.


Eco-Friendly Is The Way To Go!

Eco-friendly hypoallergenic carpet cleaning positively affects our quality of life.  Let Precision San Diego Green Carpet Cleaning help improve your quality of life today by having us clean your carpets the safe, non-toxic way and fast drying!  For more information about our green seal carpet cleaning or to schedule an appointment, please call 619.392.8012.