green carpet cleaning

Green Carpet Cleaning – The healthy Alternative To Harsh Chemicals

Green Carpet CleaningGreen carpet cleaning offers consumers a more natural, non toxic, and chemical free approach to their floor cleaning needs.  All while protecting the health of family and pets in a safe natural way.  With green alternatives consumers don’t have to suffer the wrath of unwanted hazardous chems.  The products used many times aren’t disclosed to consumers as being toxic via the “professionals” they end up hiring.  Instead, they go about their merry business, because they’re on the clock, and time is money.

Home owners can count on healthy green cleaning agents safe for their pets and family members with Precision.  Be confident in knowing the outcome will surely be an eco friendly one with absolutely no harmful environmental impact.

Soap Based Cleaners Not Green?

Green Carpet CleanersSoap based cleaning agents tend to leave residues behind. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Cleaning procedures performed by technicians play an exponential role in this.  Carpeting many times is not properly rinsed during the process.  This can simply be due to carpet cleaning technicians speeding their way through the service being provided.  Often times the tech isn’t really paying attention to what they are doing.  Because they have more customers to get to before the sun goes down, work ethic lacks.  And, when the owner isn’t on site to supervise the result is horrible 9 times out of 10.  Or, the company equipment simply isn’t up to par on the latest technology.

Under powered machines always lead to miserable results for home owners more often than not.  Why you ask?  Because, sopping wet carpeting is no good! It takes forever to finish drying.  Plus, carpet ends up smelling terrible from the musky mildew scent it creates

Let the information herein, and within our blog be a guiding light of sorts.  Let it help you make the most informed decision on hiring your next San Diego green carpet cleaner.

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