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Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning San DiegoHomeowners increasingly search for reputable eco friendly carpet cleaning San Diego services more now these days.  Especially gentile baby & pet safe options.  Soiled home environments filled with allergens, dust, dander, and lint on floors and carpet is undesirable for various reasons.  Especially for people who are allergic to that stuff.  But, when necessary cleaning comes due, nobody wants to be subjected to harsh hazardous chemicals either. 

So, what’s the best way to keep a home carpet in top notch condition?  Well, for starters familiarizing yourself with pro cleaners and the services they offer is good.  Provide some pro tips to help with cleaning until their next visit is welcome.  Professionals who truly know about green, non toxic, chemical free and hypoallergenic options are a valuable resource.  Bottom line is, they tend to help a quality cause.  The info that follows is chalk full of useful insights to help you select the very best professionals around.

Thinking About Having Your Carpet Cleaned Eco Friendly?  Keep Reading!

Before cleaning your carpets, a qualified professional should vacuum them.  Good pre-vacuuming for eliminating loose dirt prior to the application of H2O based cleaning products is essential.  Don’t want any newly introduced moisture to bury surface dirt within the layers of carpeting.  CRB machines are great for carpet that has a lot of loose debris.  They out perform for picking up hair, strings, and bigger solid items that would otherwise destroy a vacuum cleaner.  Whatever you do, never ever vacuum fresh moist spillages.  Those spillage spots will become dirtier from making contact with the vacuum’s dirty brushes.  Wait until the spillage is dry before vacuuming.

Pro processes cannot use harsh chemicals on specific carpets.  Commercial scrub machines should be given a second thought as well.  Fibers are too delicate for deep power scrubbing in some cases causing fraying to occur.  Although necessary for certain materials, they should never be used on delicate wool rugs for example.  As for harsh chemical cleaning agents, they should never be used by sub par cleaning techs in settings where there are children and pets.  Sometimes, however, they are needed when carpet is in really bad condition.  So, as long as the pro knows what they are doing in terms of achieving residue free results using them is not a problem.  For that, it takes expertise. 

Greasy restaurants on the other hand are where they are necessary.  Heavily caked on greases is where they shine.  Green eco friendly cleaning products usually do not fair as well in those arenas.  Nonetheless, they are safe to use when handled properly.  All in all they have a purpose for their respective situations.

The Do It Yourself Non Toxic Eco Friendly Approach.

Non Toxic Carpet Cleaning San DiegoOn DIY projects it’s best to test a small piece of carpet to start when harsher cleaning agents are necessary.  Non-colorfastness confirms that it will withstand a heavy cleaner, as opposed to a non-toxic one.  But, be careful!  Harsh chemicals will damage silk or wool carpets, so keep this in mind.  Stop and do not proceed if not comfortable with your attempt to do it yourself.  Contact a professional eco friendly carpet cleaning San Diego business instead if you don’t feel confident.

Eco friendly hypoallergenic carpet cleaning is a professional process.  The pros reserve this as an advantage.  Why, you ask?  Because, store bought products have other ingredients unsuitable for positive outcomes sometimes.  Even though they have “environment friendly” looking labeling on them doesn’t mean they are 100% safe.  This applies to “green” cleaning products purchased online too.  A lot of time and research goes into finding true healthy cleaners for a truly eco friendly cleaning experience.  There are also business reputations to uphold as well.  Can’t just go around using whatever and hoping for the best like some unethical companies do!

When Green Organic Carpet Cleaning In San Diego Matters.

A favorite cleaner that many people prefer using is Vinegar.  Distilled white vinegar is highly effective and has odor killing properties.  However, it has quite an obnoxious odor in and of itself.  I guess it all depends on how much one can tolerate versus what it does for your messes.  Many people consider Vinegar to be an organic cleaner.  It works pretty well though in our opinion.  As professionals we use it for pet odor treatment and eliminating various other malodorous scenarios.  Vinegar seems to be the only one on the green, organic, and eco friendly side that does anything for malodorous situations.  Which makes green cleaning great!

Speaking of odors, how about moldy mildew smell?  Mold is organic right?  So why do organic cleaners not work to kill the bacteria that causes mold?  Ah hah!  These are the times when a heavier, more harsh alternative has to come into play.  Otherwise, you’ll have a harmful fast spreading health dangerous situation on your hands.  And, believe me… mold spores spread pretty fast.  That’s just the wrong stuff to be exposed to and breathing in. 

This is one big reason why Precision specializes in fast drying other than for convenience purposes.  We utilize it as mush as possible so not to create the repulsive smell of mildew.  Unfortunately, this is common with cleaning outcomes in this industry.  One last piece of advice; never cover wet carpet.  Very easy for mold to grow this way.  Make sure the carpet is completely dry before doing this when worrying about dirtying the carpet again so fast.

The Safe Chemical Free Way To Clean.

There are different ways that professional eco friendly carpet cleaning San Diego companies will clean the carpets in your home.  Try choosing one that works best with the research you’ve done.  Keep this in mind when choosing just any company on the fly or on the cheap.  Understand that their knowledge of safe chemical free cleaners will for sure be limited.  Also, when hiring inexperienced services there will mostly likely be significant drying time associated before using the carpet again.  Just because they employ a wet truckmounted method doesn’t mean they know about all the tricks in quick drying!  Go with a qualified certified pro in the eco-friendly fast drying realm like Precision today.  Call or text 619.392.8012 for truly satisfying results.

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