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Chula Vista, Ca

Carpet Cleaning Chula Vista CaChula Vista Ca is a nice area with fun things to see and do.  It’s just an overall great place to live, and work.  Its expansion over the years has added additional zip codes outside of its original 91910 & 91911, so the area is much bigger now.  Chula Vista has grown eastward forming some newer communities, and it continues to grow.  In fact, it is the second largest city in the San Diego Metro area.  The older established parts like Otay, Castle Park, & Hilltop hold a specific nostalgia.  Being one of San Diego’s oldest neighborhoods in the county, it’s not hard to understand why.  Its history and the generations that have sprouted up have contributed to its culture & atmosphere.

What’s Bubblin’ In CV?

It has 3 big shopping malls.  There are known high schools like Chula Vista, Castle Park, & Hilltop High with good football teams.  Movie theaters, countless taco shops and Mexican food restaurants all over, an Amphitheatre, and even a Water Park called Aquatica.  The J Street Marina / Bayside Park is a staple for good fun, carne asadas & birthday celebrations.  Lots of people like to dock their boats there and even fish on the pier.  You can even rent SUP’s and go paddling on the bay.

There’s a poker club called 7 Mile Casino not too far away.  Can’t forget about it’s lovely historic downtown.  Yep, it has a certain flavor to it.  Some well known eateries exist there like La Bella Pizza Garden, Fuddruckers, & Marie Calendar’s.  Regular functions are a part of its downtown from farmers markets to classic car meets.

Some Of East Chula’s Activities & Attractions.

East Chula Vista has exploded in size since its inception.  As a result its development has pushed east close to Otay Lakes. Lot’s of homes and condos to live in.  One of the 3 big malls is located in the communities of Eastlake & Otay Ranch, and yes there is an In-N-Out Burger too!  Not really much going on in Rolling Hills Ranch, just livin’.

There’s some good restaurants to eat at.  They have a Skyzone Trampoline Park with an Oggi’s close by.  Jamul Casino is close. Great gambling & buffet.  Bonita is considered Chula Vista by most.  It’s sort of an upscale part of the area with bigger plots of land to have a home on.  Bonita Valley is nice.  Lots of families get together at Rohr Park on the weekends and have parties.  There is so much more going on in this suburb of San Diego County.  For that reason you should come out and check it out!


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