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Dry Carpet Cleaning – For That Bone Dry Feel

Dry Carpet CleaningOne of the best times of the year for dry carpet cleaning is the summer time.  Especially here in San Diego, California.  Carpet dries so fast when a wet extraction method is involved.  Being that it can get pretty hot at times here adds to the equation.  Coupled with the fact that it is so dry in this region of the country, it just makes for an awesome outcome.

Some professional carpet cleaners know this as a “fast dry” or “quick drying” process.  The word “some” is used here, because not everyone in this industry truly understands what this is.  Understanding how to pull it off tends to fall short as well.  It’s an art form of sorts and involves a few different factors, namely air flow.  And, it’s a beautiful thing when the professional delivers the delight consumers are looking for.

One way dry carpet cleaning is performed is through a hot water extraction method.  The water temperature is scorching hot with this method.  It is also known to many as truck mounted steam cleaning or vapor cleaning.  All the usual stuff is carried out leading up to the final phase, which is extraction.  We’re talking pre-vacuuming, pre-conditioning, spot treatment for extra stubborn spots, deodorizing, etc, etc.  The real magic occurs when higher heat liquid is involved.  Sanitizing hot water is great, because it evaporates much faster than if it were at a cooler temperature.  Equipment is a key factor in this.  Not all equipment setups are designed for higher heat delivery.  State of the art technology is involved here.

Max Airflow For Fast Drying Of Carpet

Fast Dry Carpet CleaningThe icing on the cake as it pertains to dry carpet cleaning is when specialized fans are placed on carpeting.  There may also be other fans placed strategically in different parts of the structure being cleaned inside of.  This is done for the purpose of max air flow.  Depending on the conditions of the indoor air environment is what will help substantially.  Most of the time during the hot summer months in San Diego, all one has to do is simply open up the windows and let the hot dry air in.  However, some customers want to crank up the air conditioner and spoil us rotten!  No worries, this helps too!!

As you can see there is a knowledgeable process involved with performing dry carpet cleaning on residential homes.  There is also a low moisture method used for commercial jobs too dubbed “dry cleaning.”  In this case a floor buffer is used to scrub a specialized encapsulation solution into standard olefin carpet.  This type of carpet is normally found throughout the commercial office spectrum.  As professional quality multi-method carpet cleaners, we are well versed in the San Diego dry carpet cleaning game.  We have to for the purpose of quality and satisfaction.

San Diego Dry Carpet Cleaning

San Diego Dry Carpet Cleaning San Diego dry carpet cleaning is an art form principled on quick drying.  Consequently, it seems like getting carpet dry quickly is not something all companies in our industry seem to do right.  The process is relatively simple though.  It just requires some knowledge and experience to perform correctly.  It […]

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