Pet Urine Odor Treatment

Pet Urine Odor Removal San Diego – Best Treatment.

Pet Odor Removal San DiegoFirst time dog and cat owners don’t realize pet odor removal will become a frequent occurrence in their lives.  It’s all part of puppy hood, but this also usually comes by way of poorly trained animals in their adulthood.  A pet odor problem poses an intolerable nuisance that lingers for what may seem like an eternity.  Many times people simply don’t know how to treat cat urine or dog pee accidents.  When it penetrates deep into the carpet backing, padding, and concrete/sub floor it becomes a smelly headache that won’t go away.  Most people don’t know that urine never dries completely.  Instead, the urine crystallizes forming urine salts.  However, it tends to stay moist.

Ever wonder why or how it could smell so bad?  Urine, in its warm acidic state provides the perfect platform for bacteria to flourish.  And, it begins doing so almost immediately.  Bacteria begins to digest the urine and releases gases that force it to smell.  It’s especially no good during the hotter summertime months.  Malodor from animal urine tends to ramp up its efforts around this time.  The heat actives it unfortunately.


Pet Urine Stains – Can They Be Removed?

Pet urine stains are a second set of problems that occur when animal pee is the star of the show.  Moist urine wicks up through the layers of carpeting as it tries to dry and creates stains.  Urine stains usually take on a yellowish discoloration.  However, some stains often turn a darker yellow tinge, and even take on a gold appearance sometimes.  Once they’ve had a chance to turn gold-ish the stain has become permanent at that point.

Pet Urine Odor Treatment San Diego
We all love our pets. But, sometimes things can get a little out of hand..


Permanent Urine Damage On Carpet?

Pet accidents tend to cause permanent urine damage to the fibers of carpet.  Urine is acidic, so it begins to oxidize quickly.  This is where the problem of staining begins to happen.  Areas where the urine resides start to turn yellow, and if left too long may turn gold.  There is nothing that can be done with anything over-the-counter to remove urine stains from carpet once this happens.  It becomes a job for a professional at this point.  Specialized stain removal treatments are applied.  And, if that fails to remove the pee stains, then a carpet repair must be made.  Usually this consists of cutting and patching in new carpet.

Pet Urine Odor Treatment In San Diego
We have a really good system of pet urine odor control & stain removal. However, some stains cannot be remedied this way. It all depends on the age & severity of the stain, and also what treatments were used in DIY.


Pet Urine Odor Treatment – Pro vs DIY.

Pet Odor TreatmentWhen doing your own pet urine odor treatment, it’s best to clean them up as soon as possible.  Be careful not to apply weight to the affected area.  Stepping on a cloth towel or pressing down on a paper towel, for example, is counter productive.  This will just push the warm urine liquid into the layers underneath carpet.  Use absorbent material of some kind and allow it to extract.  Using a small handheld extractor also works well if used right away.  It’s always best to call on an experienced pro for professional urine odor treatment.  The pro has tools, tricks and knowledge unavailable to consumers.

Consumers take it upon themselves to clean pet urine issues on their own.  But, many times they make it much worse in terms of nasty odorHow, you ask?  By adding more liquid to the equation by way of over the counter cleaners.  More liquid takes it deeper beyond the layers, and spreads the urine far and wide.  When it is re-wet in the areas the pee mishap occurred, it reconstitutes the old urine salts (crystallized urine).  It will wick eventually, and continue to discolor carpet.  If a professional pet urine odor treatment hasn’t been done, DIY treatment will just reactivate it and make it smell worse for a while.  Make an appointment now for pet odor removal and urine treatment that works!  Call or text 619.392.8012