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Coronado, Ca – The Crown City

Carpet Cleaning Coronado CaWelcome to the beautiful city of Coronado California.  A resort city with a nice wide, long, and flat sandy beach offering great sunbathing in the summer.  This beach draws surfers from far and near.  It also includes a leash free dog beach for our canine pals.  The city also boasts it’s Victorian era Hotel Del Coronado.  A popular landmark for tourists for sure.  It’s not just a resort City though, people live there too.  And, work!  Over the years it’s gotten big enough to boast more than one zip code.  92118 & 92178.

There are various restaurants and shops along Orange Avenue like Art and Frames by Wood Gallery.  You will find some really nice pictures and decor there.  Check out Primavera Italian restaurant right next door, Burger Lounge a couple spaces down.  Good eatin’.  For a calm relaxing 20 minute drive down to or up from Imperial Beach, check out the strand.  Drive past the Loew’s Coronado Bay Resort, and beachfront RV camping & picnicking at Silver Strand State Beach.  There’s also a community called the Coronado Cays along the way.

Great Shopping & Restaurants.

For some good restaurants and shopping there’s the ferry landing or Coronado Ferry Center.  My particular favorite is the Village Pizzeria Bayside.  Actually I have two!  I can’t forget about Lil Piggy’s Bar-B-Q.  Pretty good barbecue, if you’re willing to wait in line for a bit.  Come by car or park your boat at the small dock and enjoy a nice stroll, plus dinner.  You might even be able to pick up a nice guayabera at one of the little shops.

Military Presence.

Military has been present on the island for a long time.  There’s both NAB & North Island Naval Air Station.  NAS North Island 92135 is pretty much a city all its own with its own zip code.  Now that’s big!  A whole lot of Navy personnel work there.  With the amount of traffic coming and going every single day, it’s very difficult to even cross 4th Street or to get on.  Both locals and visitors alike will confirm that.  Once you do manage to turn onto 4th St, however, you’re in for a real treat.  You’ll get to see a beautiful sight of the San Diego downtown while overlooking portions of the county, south, east, and north central.

Some Quick History.

Coronado in the county of San Diego Ca was founded during the 1880’s.  It didn’t become incorporated until 1890.  It’s considered an island, because it is connected to what is known as a “tombolo”.  This tombolo is known as the Silver Strand.  An explorer by the name of Sebastian Vizcaino gave it the name in 1602.  Spanish for “crowned one”, it has been nicknamed The Crown City.  Find historical information at Coronado Historical Association & Wikipedia.


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