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Carpet Cleaning Quality Benefits Smart Consumers.

The world of carpet cleaning is a tricky situation to navigate for consumers. This is due to many factors.  There is no required schooling or credential that determines if one can or cannot become affiliated with the carpet cleaning industry.  And, this is important.  Why, you ask?  Because it’s all too easy for just anyone to start up a business in this field if they want to.  Carpet manufacturers don’t have any control over this. 

There are, however, certifications that one can get through the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) for example.  They’re a nonprofit organization and set the standard to a certain degree.  But, without their certification being a requirement anyone can set up a carpet cleaning business anytime they want.  This is one factor that makes it especially difficult for not only the consumer, but other carpet cleaners in the industry.  We see it all the time.  Many simply do not know the types of detergents to use that are safe for humans, animals, and the environment.

Beware Of Scam Cleaner Tactics.

Pricing tactics are a slippery approach, because many try to lure consumers in cheap.  Then they’ll try to con you into thinking the end result will be satisfying by pitching ridiculous gimmicks.  The cheap cleaners never make good on their gimmicks.  Let us not forget the switch in pricing once inside your sanctuary.  That comes with all kinds of pressure and headaches too. But, they’re not worried about anything.  Those types of business owners with unethical behavior just view consumers as dollar signs.  If they have to shut down that business, they’ll usually just start over new with another name and phone number.  Maybe the bad reviews got out of hand over their shoddy workmanship, and couldn’t recover from it.  But, they did get your hard earned money though!

Is Public Domain A Factor In The Carpet Industry?

Carpet CleanerAnother factor that makes things extra difficult is this thing known as public domain.  Yep, anyone in this business can copy and use anyone else’s marketing.  In fact, quality points like “fast dry” are gobbled up daily without fail.  Claiming they do green carpet cleaning is laughable.  They will also claim to know about the best and safest cleaners and processes too.  Who’s going to check and hold them accountable if they lie to you right?  The carpet cleaning police?  Sorry, there is no such thing.  Yeah, you’re just going to have to wait for the bad review first I guess.  You know, the report where someone involved might have had a life threatening allergic reaction to chemicals that shouldn’t have been used.  They were supposed to use their “non toxic and chemical free” option you requested right?  So, what happened??

Listen, every carpet cleaning professional claims to be truckmounted.  But, they might show up with an under-powered portable to do the work with.  Heck, they might just even show up with a floor buffer that’s better suited in the commercial carpet cleaning arena!  Consumers just have to rely on their best judgment and intelligence for researching and studying.

Understanding San Diego’s Carpet Cleaning Market.

Every pro claims to be able to sanitize, quick dry, and clean green with a residue free after effect.  But, those are all just marketing buzz words that most in this industry don’t understand.  The IICRC doesn’t teach anything in its curriculum about those.  Carpet manufacturer’s through Shaw Industries also don’t know anything about them either. 

It all boils down to a select few true professionals who really know their trade, and actually specialize in quality.  We’re talking Green San Diego carpet cleaning company owners who have done their research on things that pertain to quality and safety!  Owners who have trained their techs in these ways in point and fact!  For the consumer, they need to understand that cheap price usually means no quality.  Setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration is not healthy.  A reputable and trustworthy owner operated company is right at your fingertips.  Give us a call, shoot us a text, or look around the rest of our website first.  619.392.8012

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