Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Commercial Carpet Cleaning ServiceIt’s crunch time and you’re looking for the best commercial carpet cleaning service that the great city of San Diego has to offer.  Big week next week.  The owners are coming in to check up on things and see how the operation is going.  You need to find a floor cleaning service like ASAP!  The office carpet hasn’t been cleaned since the last time they were here.  This was around 6 months ago.  You’re kind of sweating it, because there are stains on the carpet from spilled coffee and other drinks.  And, there’s grease from food spillages in the break room.  The place looks like it hasn’t been vacuumed in decades.  There’s shredded paper pieces, paper clips, ink spots, gum, and heavily soiled traffic areas from employees going in and out of the warehouse.  All the things reminiscent of a typical office work environment.

Now, you know the owner’s are going to absolutely come unhinged if you don’t get some commercial carpet cleaning done quickly!  Janitorial staff doesn’t seem to pull their weight very well; otherwise the workplace would be cleaner.  While janitorial crews can do a decent job, they just don’t have the equipment and know-how to properly clean commercial carpet.  Let alone keep it clean long term.  Professionalism is required in the quality commercial carpet cleaning service world.  How so, you ask?  Because, the flooring type is handled differently than a residential carpet would be.

Truckmount Service For Commercial Grade Carpets

Commercial grade olefin can be truck mounted using hot water extraction.  In fact, Precision does that as a first step for new customers in their office spaces.  This is done to set the tempo for easy maintenance over the course of a period of time.  Then it has to be truck mount extracted again in the future.  This type of carpet surprisingly holds onto substantial amounts of dirt for some reason.  More than a residential home carpet would.  The level of sand and grit that accumulates is amazing!

Some office environments allow their desk employees to bring their pets to work with them.  People have a lot of empathy for their animals and become bonded to them.  It’s understandable to want to be as close to them as possible.  However, pet mishaps tend to occur more often than not.  And, this creates a horrible urine stench that infuses the entire office space with it.  Whether anyone becomes nose blind to that malodorous source ongoing is another story.  But, that’s what happens.

Services For Cleaning Up Spillages In The Office

Commercial Carpet Cleaner ServicesIn the case of commercial grade carpet liquid spills have no place to go.  There is no padding underneath, and is usually installed on concrete slab.  If left unattended for long periods of time the liquid has the potential to de-laminate the carpet.  This causes bubble ups to occur.  At least with carpeting in the home setting, there is more ability to correct those situations much easier.

There are various treatments available for that, along with cutting and replacing as a last resort.  Some advice would be to get the spillage up as quickly as humanly possible.  This is done with a paper towel by laying it across the spill.  Allowing it to absorb as much of the liquid as possible without pushing it in further is imperative.  The best way a non-professional could go about addressing this issue would be for them to use a handheld extractor of some type.  There are various devices available for purchase online.

Best Method For Cleaning Commercial Carpeting

Commercial carpet cleaning has to be handled a certain way.  It takes a qualified touch so not to over-wet, bury all the dirt, and leave harmful residues behind.  This happens on account of weak rinsing, flushing, and extraction.  Low moisture techniques are favored when it comes to commercial cleaning of carpets.  Too many commercial carpet cleaners do not understand the principles of low moisture.  Substantial moisture causes wicking effects.  An “encap” or encapsulation technique works best.  Why, you ask?  Because, the fluid used to clean with emulsifies grease and traps dirt forming a dry crystallized bond around it.  It then holds it in suspension until the next time the carpet is vacuumed.  It’s a beautiful technique, because the encapsulation liquid used to clean with is solvent based.  Therefore, no risk of damage caused potentially by over-wetting.

Like with any carpet type, an office setting should be vacuumed regularly.  Vacuuming once or twice per week is recommended to prolong its maximum lifespan.  This essential step is completely overlooked all too often.  Remember when we said that commercial grade carpet tends to hold onto and hide dirt better than a home’s carpet?  Dirt and sandy grit is like sand paper constantly filing down the fibers of carpet on a microscopic level.  Unfortunately, it is too much for any carpet material to handle.  This is the reason for those unattractive shadowy traffic areas.

Service For Various Commercial Settings

Quality services provided by Precision provide absolute satisfaction for various types of commercial spaces.  Precision offers services for airports, performance venues, churches, hospitals, & other medical facilities.  Also, offering services for dental offices, restaurants, gyms, & military bases.  Precision provides scheduled maintenance plans to follow the initial major cleaning.  This keeps carpet looking great year round!

To get pricing or to set up an appointment call or text 619.392.8012.  Get long lasting quality commercial carpet cleaning service at your office today!

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